Rick Ross Raps About Drive-By; 50 Cent Says Shooting Was Staged

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Rapper Rick Ross has released a remixed track following the drive-by shooting attempt on his life, while at least one rival implied that the incident was staged.

Though accounts of the Rick Ross drive-by vary and he has yet to comment on the incident, the self-proclaimed “Boss” did what he does best: Rap.

“I can’t believe I’m alive,” he said, dropping a rhyme about his near-death experience into a recording by, Kendrick Lamar, titled "B---- Don’t Kill my Vibe."

Meanwhile, police have released edited 911 calls placed when the gunfire broke out about 5 a.m. Monday on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Bullets pierced the windows of nearby businesses, as Ross crashed Rolls-Royce into the front door of an apartment building amid a hail of bullets.

Ross (real name William L. Roberts II), posted a link to a news story about the shooting on his Facebook page, but his publicist did not return calls.

Social-media sites and users, however, were abuzz about the incident, and there was some skepticism that the Rick Ross shooting was even a real thing.

Some tweeters even theorized that the gunfire was staged to help boost his “street cred,” which has been a source of contention in the rap community.

The timing also raised eyebrows, coming just before the Grammy Awards, where Ross is nominated for Best Rap Album (he notes this in the above track).

50 Cent, who knows something about street violence and feuding with Rick Ross, declared the shooting a hoax, tweeting, “lol it looks staged to me.”

Ross has also feuded with fellow rappers such as Young Jeezy, and reportedly received death threats from a group called the Gangster Disciples.

It seems unlikely that Rick Ross would stage an attempt on his life when he has plenty of real enemies/cred already, but that's the Internet for you.

There are whole Sandy Hook conspiracy groups, so by comparison Ross' small-scale effort to burnish his hardness wouldn't be too hard to pull off.

What do you think? Was it a hoax?


5ocent u must b stupid n y did u lik shoot gre8t once agn u must b stupid


this fat piece of shit is a fake, when are people gonna realize that?


Im riding with 50 on this one how u pull up on a car & miss the car then he crash & then they dnt finish the job when he crash sounds kinda of fishy to me real niggaz dnt fake a shooting and real niggaz finish the job ross been a fraud since day one lying bout being a cop stealing a real gangster name then stealing a car name for his label no this lol he is a big fat joke...50 im with u on this one....


Heow could the car be sprayed up & hes not even shot in his pinkie.Totally b.s. Kinda likw when Pac & suge got sprayed up &,that crook Suge walked away! That was a set up for Pac! Come on Ross we not swallowing thE B.s.


The dudes an ex-police officer. Now all of a sudden he's a gangsta rapper...hysterical.


I feel like this respect the boss rick ross im a true fan of his and who ever trying to get at him is a true hater I love rick ross so who ever you are thats trying to get at him need to put the guns down and take a fare ass whipin because bein with a gun unless u need it makes you a fuck nigga

@ Taneka

taneka learn english, you should be embarrassed unless you're fucking around.


What the hell is wrong with society? This is a person youth idolize yett these same kids are undefperforming in school. This is truly going out the world ass backwards.


Happy birthday Ross
We have da same bday
yo grul lita


Enough street cred? The guys a fucking cop!

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