Sandy Hook Conspiracy Video Goes Viral, Questions Everything

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It only took a matter of days after Adam Lanza opened fire inside Sandy Hook Elementary School for conspiracy theories to pop up on the Internet.

The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed, a self-produced mini-documentary, has rapidly make the leap from obscurity to viral success. Here it is:

Many Sandy Hook conspiracy theories have popped up since the attack. Most are totally preposterous; all spurred by questioning authority and the media.

Among them: Lanza's father was due to testify in hearings about a banking scandal; Obama orchestrated the shootings to enact gun control laws.

Also among them: The Dark Knight Returns and/or Hunger Games predicted the shooting, or Newtown didn't happen at all, according to a professor.

It turns out that the media portrayal of the unspeakable tragedy has become the rallying cry for those who buy into Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.

There was more than one shooter, for instance, or not as many kids died, or the parents we saw on TV were actors, or the press is hiding facts, etc.

The above video cites the confusion around the initial reports as a reason to believe his conspiracy, and its creator is adamant that he's not denying Newtown.

"I really try to stress this video was about putting together a bunch of evidence and raising questions that others could research and answer," he wrote.

Choosing to remain anonymous, the video's creator spoke about it with Gawker.

"[I]t all started when me and my friends used to research 9/11 in high school," says the individual behind the video, posted on the YouTube channel "ThinkOutsidetTheTV."

"That's what got me started researching government cover ups."

"Once I learned about all the false flag attacks in history that have been proven to be true, I knew it was only a matter of time before another came a long."

The "false flag attack," in which the true belligerents of a terrorist attack, shooting, or disaster conceal their identities, is a common trope among conspiracy theorists.

If you believe in the idea that false flag attacks occur with regularity - and spend a lot of time in the dregs of YouTube - it's hard not to see them everywhere.

"When Sandy Hook first happened i just had a feeling like it was all too perfect," the video creator continued. "I just had this feeling deep down."

"These people and the whole town had this artificial vibe about them."

The perceived "artificiality" of the grieving parents is a cornerstone piece of "evidence" produced by Sandy Hook Truther: SandyHookHoax (dot) com.

The premiere Sandy Hook Truther site on the web, it has an entire section called "All Actors," under an enormous header reading "NO TEARS."

That section is devoted to news videos of families in Newtown, Conn., deemed insufficiently grief-stricken by the growing number of conspiracy believers.

What do you think? Do you think any of the Sandy Hook shooting or subsequent media coverage was manufactured? And why? Or is this just pure insanity?

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Obviously two types of people commenting here. Those with a high intellectual capacity and those with a low intellectual capacity.


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I can only cry as I hear about those poor innocent kids who were heartlessly murdered!!! I dont understand a word about this whole conspriacy thing (Im not at all a well worded adult- Im a 13 year old kid who understands ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about politics) but I can only pray for those families who have experienced this unbearable loss!! What mental maniac would do something like that?!!

Sandra starr larson

this guy is a freakin' moron!


This world needs conspiracy theorist to bring the hard questions into the light. The media propagandist machine, who are a part of David Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations one world government, are one sided. People have a right to be concerned and to question government. Anyone who follows blindly a government who created Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the 1st WTC bombing in 1992 to pass a anti-terror bill through congress deserves to live in a Orwellian type of society. Lets face it when it comes to the mass media they report on a story then they make up your mind for you instead of just reporting the story and letting you make up your own mind and all of you the sheople let them. This is because our government instead of cutting back on spending cuts back on education. Any original thinkers out there are vilified because they think differently than those who are hypnotized by all the hype portrayed on that stupid gossip box sitting in everyone's living room. Obama is trying his best to get rid of the 2nd amendment right of the constitution, the right to have and bear arms. What do you think will be his next agenda hmmm lets see the right to free speech. Our constitution is the only thing keeping the U.S. from becoming just like our stupid neighbors across the pond in Europe who gave up being sovereign nations and excepted socialism. Yes, Europe was conquered by a evil entity without a single shot being fired and they had to give up their guns. This was something Hitler tried to do and failed!!! Come on people stop watching Honey Boo Boo, read more books, and read between the lies.


Hey "Tom",
Awesome that Hollywood Gossip is the outlet you are choosing to combat these "allegations" that are going on. It is truly a credible outlet for you to show all these "nut jobs" that are capable of rendering up such insane questions, the truth. The news would totally blow your fake cover ya know?!


I am tired of people who believe the official government conspiracy theory calling those who don't conspiracy theorists. IF you don't know what the words conspiracy theory mean, please don't use the term. Its simple. Dont use words you don't understand, no matter how many times the connotation is drilled into your small brain that it means tin foil hat nutter. you doa huge disservice to the rest of us who know how to use the English language.. If you need to look up the definition, this is an open book test, don't get caught failing. I would say "its must be really hard to live like that" but ignorance is surely bliss. <3

Bill allen

these same people would have called us disgusting for questioning the gulf of tonkin,,,

@ Bill Allen

yes they would. even though LBJ officials have admitted the false flag operation existed.

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