Kris Jenner Divorce War: Getting Nasty!

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While the Kim Kardashian pregnant news may have reality TV's First Family putting on a giddy face in public, the latest issue of Star alleges that life is getting ugly behind the scenes.

Yes, the Bruce and Kris Jenner divorce may soon be a reality, according to this tabloid, and the case is bound to turn nasty.

According to imaginary inside tabloid sources, Bruce is most concerned over his daughters and the fear that Kris will exploit them just like she did with Kim Kardashian.

In fact, Bruce is worried that "[Kris] might encourage Kendall to make a sex tape," the magazine actually claims, adding, of course, that Kris would then "be pulling the strings behind the scenes, making sure word gets out" about the video.

Sounds crazy... but have you met Kris Jenner?!?

The mom-ager, meanwhile, is reportedly determined to remain married.

"Kris made it clear that if Bruce embarrassed her by filing for divorce, she'd crush him and expose all the skeletons in his closet," a source says.

Jenner Divorce Cover

We doubt any of this is true, but allow us to issue a warning to the future spawn of Kim and Kanye anyhow: make a run for it, kid. Don't wait.


Chris Jenner is a witch, I really believe she has never loved Bruce.


Kris Jenner is the QUEEN OF MEAN, exploiting every child she has in fear of aging , she is so terrified of aging she wants to live her life again through her children and will do anything possible and destroy anyone possible to do so, HANG IN THERE BRUCE, sorry you got dealt a dirty hand here with this one!


Kris Jenner should appreciate Bruce who is a gem. He deserves some happiness. Am appalled at how disrespectful she is of him. He should be able to golf and do the things he enjoys. Be nice if Bruce could find himself a nice woman who would just love him. He is a gem and she doesn't deserve him. Kris Jenner is not a good wife and she is not a good mother. Bruce raised Kendall and Kylie and all of her kids.


Kris jenner is the perfect example of a BAD MOTHER, I have never been into watching the reality show keeping up with the kardashians, but its so crazy that everytime I watch it this women proves that her life is about hotels, fame, selling her daughter, MONEY.......and not forgetting here husband that brought up kylie and kendall on his OWN!!!!! Big ups to you BRUCE JENNER you are a great MOTHER and FATHER!!!!! Kris Jenner needs a wake up call!!! Actually I don't think there's hope for this pathetic MONEY HUNGRY bad mother who sells her daughters for 10%profit*sick to my stomach* What kind of mother does that???????? I certainly hope little miss KIM does not follow in her mothers footsteps and becomes a mother who does not sell her kids!!!!! Releaved to get this out:)


Like OMG... leave them alone. Like, for real. The media is so, like, ridiculous. Like its not even fair for them to, like, talk about the Jenners like that.

@ rahh

nobody is talking about the jenners. kris wants to known as Kardashian cuz of late hubbys rep. more peeps know her as Kardashian than jenner so her words verbatim I should change my name back to Kardashian for bus. she says.


you people are crazy yes kris made really bad choice but kim khloe and kourtney have alot going for them self's kourtney is a good mom kim's changed to im sure she's going to be a good mom and i prey god blesses khloe with a baby she will make the best mom ever you all need to grow up.

@ kasandra

so u prey eh. that's illegal you idiot. next time when you invoke god try PRAY


chris Jenner is a trashy woman, she raised stupid sexpots that have noithing but money going for them.The language they use on their show is awful, they dont even like eachother and dont kn ow whatclass is........ttro

@ mary

I completely agree with you! The whole family is trashy and GOLD DIGGERS! They are just SHALLOW MONEY HUNGRY PEOPLE!


If there's even one grain of truth in her intending to blackmail him, he should definitely file for divorce. He'd be stupid not to.


I must say that the marriage between Bruce and Kris Jenner seems very delicate and brittle. They may deny it, they may even have thier spokesperson tell the media that there's no validity to any of these stories, but we all have eyes and can see what's really going on whenever we see those "reality " shows. They are obviously not enjoying eachother 's company as of late and they're trying to give eachother some space. At least for the time being. I hope that they can work thier marital issues out without it resulting in divorce. It seems as though people just want to throw in the towel when they hit a rough patch in thier marriage. Hope they're not one of them.


Bruce should have left Kris a LONG TIME AGO. And, while he's at it, Bruce needs to sue for FULL CUSTODY of both Kendall and Kylie...FAST!!!!!

@ jaybird369

isn`t blackmail a crime? yeah file for divorce and press charges against kris.

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