Kris Jenner Divorce Update: Is Bruce Moving Out?

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Kris Jenner has labeled rumors of a divorce from her husband of 22 years as "ridiculous."

But a new tabloid story is fueling talk that this union is about to crumble, as Star Magazine reports Bruce Jenner is looking to take children Kylie and Kendall and move out of the family mansion.

Kylie and Kendall "broke down crying" when told of their father's decision, a source tells the tabloid, while the same insider says the real tension stems from Kris placing her children's careers over their childhoods.

Somewhere, Kim Kardashian has no idea at all what this person is talking about.

According to insiders, a huge fight broke out between Bruce and Kris recently.

The former stormed out and stepchildren Kourtney, Khloe and Robert actually took his side, we're told, because they want what's best for their younger siblings.

Simply put, "the family really is in an all out war," concludes the mole.

Kris Jenner Divorce Story

For more on this possible divorce, pick up the above copy of Star. It goes on sale today. Or any other tabloid covering the Jenners for the rest of your life.




He can't cope on his own. The type that runs away from responsabilities


All the Kardashian girls should get pregnant by all the Jenner boys and they can start their own species.

Tonya rios

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I don't think he has the gonads to dump her.


Kris is a status monger...she will do anything to stay in the limelight...I hope Bruce takes the kids and let them have 'a life'...the others have so many issues....and who could be surprised at that...anything of the spotlight...doesn't mater how personal or private it should be. It's just sick.


Good. The way Kris uses her daughters to get more money for herself is disgusting. They need to live outside the limelight for a while.


who f##king cares !!!!!!!!


"Big Giant, 'Who Cares!!'"! Perry Cox, Scrubs


Kris don't care about Bruce or Kendall or kylie just as long as she can make more money from them and that is sad because at first when their Realty first aire she wasn't like that but since the show has grown her Family is last and their Career's are the Most important thing's to her. I hope you and the Girl's are happy

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