Tom Cruise Girlfriend? Cynthia Jorge Denies Rumor

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Don't start planning another wedding for Tom Cruise just yet.

With rumors circulating that Cynthia Jorge is now dating the action star - following a night out a a club and the following tabloid headline - a friend of the restaurant manager tells Perez Hilton that, yes, Jorge knows Cruise.

Tom Cruise girlfriend?

And, yes, alcohol was shared between the two.

HOWEVER: "Cynthia told me they went out for drinks and it was nothing but a casual night out. She said he's a nice guy."

The insider added that there's no romance between Jorge and the A-lister, who is in the market for a new young gal pal after splitting with Katie Holmes.

Not to worry, though. The Church of Scientology is all over it.


they just shared alcohol together, what a load of codswallop. It is well known that Tom does not touch alcohol at all ever


What's HIS name?

Lauren gardner

Did Scientology pick this one, too?


hi hru nice albom


I would run as fast as I could!! He can act,but what a nutt job!!!!


Who shives a git!!!
The only important one is the child.


There's no denying Tom Cruise 's talent. But as far as he and women go, well he's about as crazy as catshit!
He and that loony toon cult of his.


IF it is true that he's trolling for a new woman to attempt to brainwash, two things are true - she's taller than him, and she'd better think twice.


I cannot believe how desperate Tom is for a girlfriend. a) he doesn't have TIME for one and b) he needs to spend some daddy time just chilling and getting over the split/divorce. I would imagine that he could come off pretty caring and loving at first but there is a darker side to this man and that is Scientology. Until and unless he walks away from that cult, he won't be attractive to any woman that is healthy.


Tom Cruise’s NEW GIRLFRIEND’s TRUE identity revealed!!! Someone just post an new video on youtube. Here is the link:

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