Gun Found in Teddy Bear Donated to Foster Child

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A teddy bear donated to a foster child seems like a nice idea ... except Christmas nearly turned catastrophic for the youngster after a gun was found in it.

That's normal.

Gun Found
Bear Set

Natasha Brunson of Harlem, N.Y., pulled a gun from the mom and baby teddy bear set, thinking the weapon was another toy that had fallen into the box.

Not exactly. It was, fortunately, inoperable: the firing pin had been removed and someone had even taken the time to scratch off the serial numbers.


Natasha's foster mother, Sheeba Anderson, 42, told the N.Y. Post she picked up two bags of already-wrapped gifts last week from a St. Anthony's Church in SoHo.

to give to the six foster children in her care.

"This is something you never expect on Christmas," she said. "I feel like we narrowly avoided what could have been a terrible disaster. I couldn't calm down all day."

No other gifts contained dangerous items.

The presents were donated anonymously through the city's Administration for Children's Services, making it near impossible to find the gun's origin.

According to the Children's Defense Fund, nearly 3,000 children a year die from guns in the U.S., and six times as many suffer non-fatal injuries from guns.