The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Wild Women of Ojai

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought us "Girls Gone Ojai'd" Monday night as the women do drunken gymnastics and slather mud over one another.

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    I use to like Kyle....well as much as one can like these fake plastic people but this season I have lost any "like" I had for her. Kyle and Kim are nothing but low class / trashy trouble makers. Just because Kyle has money does not give her class. The only person on that show that has class is Lisa and I lost some of my like for her last episode when she blatantly refused to listen to her server who upset her friend. You don't do that to people. Lisa treated her like she was just a peon.


    Kyle tries to pretend she is above the drama, but she is the one who stirs the pot more than any other housewife. I love Brandi this season, and she definitely calls it like she sees it. I’m going to miss the next episode when it premieres because of my new work schedule at DISH. I’m bad with setting weekly timers on my DISH Hopper, so instead I’m going to record the entire season. I have over 400 hours of HD DVR room and with that I won’t miss a single episode and I can still record my other favorite HD programs the same night without using up much space. Yolanda is slowly becoming one of my favorites, and her house is always amazing to look at.


    "Real"? Really?


    Seeing all the women in a new light this season. I agree Kyle is a bitch itching for a fight, Adrienne is a shit pot stirrer. She kept bringing attention to Kim crying instead of just leaning over and saying are you ok? I don't blame Brandi one little bit and I would have dropped the F-bomb too.

    Liking Kyle and Adrienne less and less and Brandi and Lisa more and more. Yolanda is way below her stature around these women, aside from being too old. Is David Foster hurting for money that badly?
    Taylor is an idiot, no wonder Russell offed himself. Camille is just enjoying her boy toy and more power to her!

    @ grumpy old lady

    Grumpy old lady...that was a mean-spirited thing to say about Taylor. Come on. It was a very rude statement against someone who's husband committed suicide.

    @ grumpy old lady

    Yolanda is only 47 and I don't think we know all there is to know about her personality just yet. She's on her best behavior. I do agree about Kyle and Adrienne being " shit stirrers"

    @ grumpy old lady

    From one "grumpy old lady" to another, I agree with you 100% !


    Kyle is a twat. A year tops before her husband gets sick of her shit. She is the real villain of the group. It makes me look at her fight with Camille in a whole new way. Now I wonder if she really did talk shit to Camille. She probably did. She is a sloppy bitch. Do the splits again on camera! You look like an ass.
    Kim is sweet, just tired of being terrorized by bitch Kyle. She really has no ill intentions, but is heavily influenced by stupid bitch Kyle.
    Adrienne is a stupid cunt. Brandi was 100 percent right to tell her to shit the fuck up.
    The rest of the women, falsely acting horrified was laughable.
    Lisa is a goddess. Camille is cute.
    Taylor is so starved for attention that she wrote a book about her dead husband merely months after he committed suicide, unlike Brandi who wrote a book about break ups 3 years after her divorce! The scenarios were completely different. No one died in Brandi's case. Taylor wasn't interested in saving other women, only herself. She states right out in the intro of the new season that "she's worked too hard for this zip code". Yes, dirty ass Taylor, you have.
    None of them need money that bad. Bravo pays them more than most of us will ever see in a lifetime. None of them can cry poor.


    Brandi you coming out of that dress. Btw, your boys are Leann's boys it's called being a loving step mom

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