Lindsay Lohan: RIDICULED in Scary Movie 5!

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Lindsay Lohan was absolutely destroyed in the original screenplay for Scary Movie 5, although it's anyone's guess what material makes the final cut.

The working script was obtained by TMZ and boy, are there a lot of jokes at Lindsay's expense ... even her buddy Charlie Sheen gets in on the act.

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan

We start it off with them in bed making a sex tape, until she says, "Okay let's do this quick, I got a court hearing in the morning ... It's a driving mishap thing."

"Promise me you won't drive," he urges. "That's very sweet, worrying about me behind the wheel," she replies. "I'm worried about me. I'm a pedestrian," Sheen counters.

BAM! Oh, and it continues ...

As they get it on, Charlie keeps being thwarted - first by her sobriety monitor, then her house arrest anklet ... then a dog shock collar for orgasm help.

At another point, Lindsay SCREAMS in abject terror, but not because of any deranged killer ... she's just watching her own film Herbie: Fully Loaded.

In the trailer, this is already changed - to news coverage of her probation being revoked.

The jokes go on and on until at one point, Lindsay literally runs over Charlie with her car, tosses the keys to someone else and says, "You were driving."

In light of Lindsay's probation being revoked for lying to police, which could land her in jail for eight months, that must hit pretty close to home.

It's also pretty hilarious.

Remember, this movie news is based on the working script, so the trailer may or may not be reflective of the jokes that make the final, theatrical cut.






please organise a BIG party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel:.........LILO WENT BANKRUPT!!

@ baja



Lindsay Lohan need to grow up ,people should not
behave like that in public .this is society.not a zoo,or
a play ground .if she was a black girl,they would have been put under the jail cell,but whoops... she white! when you are white you are still right in this
still racist adomination world.

@ francesca harrison

what do you mean

@ francesca harrison

oh lol hah

@ francesca harrison

P.s. and hey I was punished way worse then her cuz I don't have the fame and money and remember I'm white. It's any and all people with money, they get the best of the best with there fame and matter what color or anything they are or what they believe....Facts

@ francesca harrison

Wait wait, I'm white and young. And I have been in trouble for way less then her. It's cuz she has money. Trust me!!!


Is there anyone in this young ladies' life who care enough to help her make better decisions and provide her with the support she needs at this time in her life.? The continuous media persecution of her is sad and unfair to her as she obviously needs help. The media is only adding to the problems she is having.

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