Lindsay Lohan Probation Revoked; Will She Go to Jail?

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Lindsay Lohan's probation was revoked as expected this morning in court, but a decision on whether she'll go to jail as a result will have to wait until January.

Because she's on probation for stealing jewelry, Lohan faces eight months in jail as a consequence of her recent arrests IF a judge decides that's best.

Lindsay Lohan's Red Hair

Lindsay was charged with lying to police and driving recklessly while crashing her Porsche on Pacific Coast Highway in June. That got her probation revoked today.

She was also arrested recently for assaulting Tiffany Mitchell, and could face additional consequences for that. Needless to say, we don't envy her position.

It's not a done deal yet by any means, though. Commissioner Jane Godfrey, who is overseeing the case, scheduled a January 15 hearing on the probation violation.

If Godfrey decides Lindsay did violate her probation, she could face 245 days in jail. A conviction beyond reasonable doubt is not necessary to lock her up.

Of course, Godfrey could also be lenient, and is said to is gravitate more toward second chances than jail, so Lindsay could totally skate yet again. Figures.

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We ALL are supposed to live by the rules. She's no more an actress but a thief and liar. If I did this I'd never see light of day again. How many chances does she get? She's not out of one thing until she's up to her ears in another fraud. Put her away. Maybe if her mind works, she'll realizes she's not God's gift to the world. WWJD


beautiful ledy


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theres too much hate.


lindsay is at the end of her rope and she knows it, if she has humbled herself, probation is the compassionate thing.


lock her up and throw away the key. after a short time in prison, people will be saying "lindsay who????". throw her a cell will some of those "he--she" women!!!! i bet they could teach her a lesson or two!!!!


Does people around her even care? Where's her family to help her? Any good friends to guide her? I totally agree with Tami.. Jail won't teach her.


someone is letting her get away with too much. it is no way to teach her that the road she is travelling will lead to destruction. God help her.


Another Judge that most likely has been on the bench too long. She will give another slap on the wrist. I would like to know what prescriptions the doctors are giving her. I bet she is full of crap!!


She looks so old! She is gross


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