Kris Humphries: Benched by the Nets!

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Kim Kardashian is no longer the only person who thinks Kris Humphries sucks.

The Brooklyn Nets power forward, who had been a fixture in his team's starting lineup for most of the season, was benched last night in the squad's 95-92 win over Philadelphia.

It was the first Did Not Play - Coach's Decision of Humphries' Nets' career.

Kris Humphries in Brooklyn

"Anybody wants to start and play as much as possible, so you are obviously frustrated," Kris told the press in response to his lack of playing time. "But it's about more than one player."

Avery Johnson insisted that Humphries is "healthy" and "not in the doghouse," but the baller has clearly fallen out of favor with the coach.

Humphries is only averaging seven points and seven rebounds per game this season, following his signing of a two-year contract for $24 million overall.

Perhaps if he spent less time fighting Kardashian in court, Humphries would be seeing better production on the court.

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Kris Humphries is a solid player who scores the points, He should be playing, not benched, The Nets need to rethink this decision and put Humphries back in rotation-he has the winning attitude,he is an asset to the NETS- GOHUMPHRIES


Had no idea what Kris n Mom where doing, what a nice gesture.Respect him even more now


When rich people give quietly...they are are greedy n selfish...when the public knows about it they are showing off.
@Leah I get what you're saying people will ALWAYS talk, people ALWAYS have something to say you will NEVER please everyone...Ha! Kris is annoying and Kim remains a Ho!


Kris Humphries is annoying. He and his mother have adopted some poor families, and it is trumpeted all over the internet.Has it ever occured to some people who give, that their acts of giving is classy and more dignified, to the giver and receiver, when it is done quietly, graciously and in a humble manner,
not in the "look at me, look at the good, I do" way?


@DEON your not getting my point! Anyone has an opinion and what I comment about Kris is MY opinion. "if it were Kim u wouldn't act like poor Kim"-how do you kno what my opinion and thoughts about Kim are? You don't know me and you don't know what I think about her!
So just coz I don't comment about kim, because this article is not about her you think you can call him an Idiot? Lol Go back and report to Kim that we are not stupid


Karmen, u ppl act like poor little kris. I'm just saying if it were Kim u wouldn't act like poor Kim. Kris is human like the rest of us. He doesn't need someone to hold his .hand and baby him when he screws up.


DEON!!! Where did she mention Kim though, how do you know she wouldn't "sugar coat something like this with Kim"
Kris HAS accomplished things in his life...he is 27 and a multi millionaire, better than ppl on blogs writing about his life, the things he does and failures he faces. In life we all go through failures. Only reason was on the web was because of Kim... So does being on the web count as an accomplishment lol. Deon, no one said anything bad about Kim, you are just using this as an opportunity to bash Kris... Smh not everyone on the web is dumb sweety_we know you are Kims PR bye


@Deon You just proved my point_i never said Kris is perfect or a saint and Kim has nothing to do with what I wrote. You are defensive over something I didn't even mention,Why? Because you are Kims PR defending her on every gossip blogs. I don't know Kim n I don't bother to speak about her. You need peace in your heart. Kris is not a saint his not perfect he makes mistakes, he gets angry, he gets frustrated he swears, his rude sometimes but so does Kim and so does you n so does me Why? We are human we are not perfect!!!


entire america hate kris humphries.
if not already: DO IT NOW!!


OMG Leah. U talk as if this guy is a "Saint From God". U would never sugar coat anything like this with Kim. Did it occur to you that this idiot may be having a bad season and the fact that he keeps dragging Kim through court mite b screwing up his game? And what r his accomplishments? The only reason he is always on the web and ppl no who he is is bcuz he married Kim. So what if he gets 24 mil a yr to screw up at bb. I can get 24 mil a yr and screw up at bb too. The bottomline is he is not a saint and ppl like u who treat him like he is discust me. Hell, if he could justify it, he would blame Kim for him having a bad season and the hump followers would still hold his hand.