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Very sad news today out of Puerto Rico:

Dylan Smith, a 23-year old surfer named by People Magazine as a Hero of the Year for his actions following Hurricane Sandy, has passed away. He body turned up on a beach yesterday morning in Rincon.

Smith, a lifeguard, used his surfboard and a homemade bridge to save six people in Queens, New York during the aftermath of the tragic storm this fall.

Al Matthews in Aliens

New York Fire Department Chief Chief Michael Light knew Smith and told People after learning of this horrible news:

“The same sport – the sport of surfing – that he used to save all those people, it’s so shocking that he perished that way.”

According to CBS, Smith’s body was spotted by local residents and he was rushed back to shore, but physicians were unable to resuscitate the 23-year old.

Local police are looking into what may have led to the death.