Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Battle in Court, May Never Get Divorced

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As a dig at Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian appears in a new Kanye West music video just as her current boyfriend is slamming her estranged husband.

Following events today in court, however, the reality star may need to come up with more overt ways to bash the heck out of this professional baller.

Attorneys for both sides of this failed marriage - Laura Wasser for Kim and Marshall Waller for Kris - appeared before Judge Stephen Moloney in L.A. Superior Court.

The goal? To essentially figure out why the heck a 72-day marriage with a prenuptial agreement is taking so long to legally destroy.

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The answer, according to Waller, is that he simply needs time to collect the evidence that will supposedly prove Kardashian defrauded his client into marriage. And Kardashian's lawyer isn't really helping him gather what he needs to.

"I don't want to use the word uncooperative, but they are not making the process easier," Waller told the judge, adding that he plans to depose 33 witnesses and has so far been unsuccessful in obtaining Kris Jenner's business records.

He said it could take four more months to collect all the discovery he desires.

Wasser, meanwhile, has no clue what to make of all this.

She says Humphries actually sent a process server with a Nordstrom box to Kardashian's home. Inside was a deposition request for West.

"To say I am frustrated is an understatement," said Wasser, who has claimed in the past that Humphries is simply dragging out this battle for PR purposes and plans on making him pay the $250,000-plus in legal fees that Kim has accrues so far.

She had a simple question for the judge today: "To what end does he want this annulment?"

It's unclear, and it may remain that way for a very long time: Judge Moloney set the next court date at November 28 for a status conference..


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Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Battle in Court, May Never Get Divorced
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is a whore, and according to her there is something with all of them.She is never satisfied, I agree with 50 one man's trash is another man's tresure.


I take no sides but Kris really needs to MOVE ON AND LET KIM GO. I still do not understand what it is that he really wants. No woman in their right mind leaves a GOOD man they love. I expect that Kris knew that if he wanted his marriage to last he needed to be treating his wife with total love, respect, and support. It is like he is demanding that Kim come back to him ,or, else continue to endue his wrath forever. It is just too much hatred being spewed-out on both sides that will eventually destroy both of them. I cannot even understand how they could claim to love others(Kanye and Myla) with all this thunder raining down on their heads. My God, some hearts are really, really COLD. Where was the love?


Why does he want Kris Jenners business records? Why is there 33 ppl who r beimg deposed? He said he was hurt and blindsided by Kim filing for divorce so why didnt he fly out to California to talk with her about it? Thats bcuz he new she was going to file bfor she did. I think he nos how mucj certain ppl jate Kim so he uses it to his advantage. This guy is a manipulator who only cares about himself and his bank acct. For any woman who thinks she will b n a relationship with him and he will treat her good is absurd. Look how he treated Kim and Myla. And he said he luvd them. He is a bully and he is showing his true colors with this divorce. And of course his lawyer if all for tjis bcuz its more money for him.


He knew they are on television 24/7 he decided to marry her so he is also cheap and money hungry man greedy it serve him right


He is an egotistical, self absorbed jackass who has no regard for anyome other than himself or his bank account.


How much more is shithead gonna try doimg to Kim? It is a premup that says he doesnt get amythimg n a divorce. And he kmew it when ne signed it. I domt remember anyome holding a gun to his head when he proposed to her. He is trying to manipulate the situation so ppl think he is so innocent. Je is doing every thing he can to stay n the media and hurt Kims name. He married her for money and is pissed that sne ia divorcing him. And if he was so hurt and blindsided when she filed, why didnt he fly out to California and comfront her? He knew exactly wnat she was doing when she filed.


If Kardashian had waited any longer to divorce him she would have been bankrupt. Hasnt anyone paid any attention to how much of HER money he was spending in Vegas, on Rodeo Drive, in the Caribbean. In just 72 days he had spent MILLIONS, yes MILLIONS of her money He didnt have any income because of the Basketball owners lockout. He's just pissed that their pre-nup keeps him from getting any more of her money. That's the real reason he wants an annulment. He thinks it will bypass the pre-nup and he can take more of her money.
I'm not into the Kardashian's and I really can't understand why people get into someone that doesn't do anything. But I do not think anyone man or woman should have to support someone who is more that capable of supporting themselves.


new update pls


Kim deserves to be with someone who loves and respects her for who she is.Not someone like Kris who disrespected and mistreated her.It was her mistake for marrying him to began with.At least she left him.None of you can judge her situation since you havn't walked in her shoes.She may come across a certain way,but theirs more to people than meets the eye.The best revenge is Kris getting to see her happy with another man.Kanye seems to treat her way better

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