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Jerry Sandusky refuses to go away.

The disgraced ex-Penn State coordinator, who was convicted in June on over 40 counts of sexual abuse and sentenced to in October to at least 30 years in prison, has released a bizarre new letter.

Dated December 18, the note (addressed to The Citizen Voice, a Central Pennsylvania newspaper) decrees that “justice and fairness were not a focus” in his trial.

Sandusky goes on to say:


“Right now, our focus is on appeal. Time is much to learn, issues and information not presented. Nobody, who covered the case and reported it had the time or took the time to study the allegations, the accusers, the inconsistency, and the methods.”

Sandusky has alleged a major conspiracy is responsible for his conviction, one that involves the media, investigators, civil attorneys and, of course, his accusers.

He ends the latest example of his despicable ways by writing out an acronym for ENDURE:

E — Embrace each day as a gift
N — Never surrender except to God
D — Don’t let your situation get the best of you
U — Understand God’s purpose and presence.
R — Remain as positive as possible
E — Exercise your mind, body, and spirit.