Gun Control Debate: Time to Get Serious?

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The horrific shooting at the Newtown, Conn., elementary school that left 28 dead, including 20 children, has re-ignited a polarizing debate over gun control.

If nothing else, it's time to get very, very serious about discussing the issue.

Obama Cries During CT Speech

Public figures immediately jumped in to offer condolences in the wake of the mass murder committed by Adam Lanza, while some called for new restrictions.

Plenty of others, while clearly sympathetic to the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, defended gun rights and the 2nd Amendment.

President Barack Obama, who cried during a press conference regarding the shooting Friday, did not touch upon the controversial issue of gun control by name.

He did, though, sound a call to prevent further tragedies, regardless of politics.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he was "shocked and saddened" by the tragic shooting. He said society should "unify" to "crack down on the guns."

N.Y. City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said "immediate action" was needed.

Mark Kelly, husband of former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was gravely injured by a gunman in Tucson in 2011, wrote on Facebook:

"The children of Sandy Hook Elementary School and all victims of gun violence deserve leaders who have the courage to participate in a meaningful discussion about gun laws."

"How can they be reformed and enforced to prevent violence and death in America?"

Many believe the CT school shooting tragedy is just the latest, preventable case of a bullied, disgrunted and/or mentally ill person taking lives that could've been saved.

Directly or indirectly, are guns too readily available to the perpetrators?

Fewer guns, tougher laws, fewer tragedies, right? Take away the availability and fewer weapons will fall into the wrong hands at the wrong times. Right?

Lots of people would agree with that theory, but not necessarily a majority.

2nd Amendment

The debate has been fast and furious in the past 24 hours, and not one-sided. Trending topics on Twitter included "2nd Amendment," "NRA" and "Columbine."

For every argument about the 2nd Amendment being antiquated is a counter-argument about its necessity, and its place in the foundation of American liberty.

Some gun rights advocates believe this tragedy epitomizes the need for gun rights, not gun control, as a means of protection against those who may act violently.

One Twitter user wrote, "The only gun reform we need is to allow people the ability to defend themselves, not provide nut jobs with easy targets #NRA."

Another posted, "Guns don't kill people people do! Practice the 2nd Amendment - keep your gun loaded with you at all times - the younger you are the better."

Philosophically, gun rights activists feel that gun control takes away another piece of our liberty, starting a slippery slope toward socialism and totalitarianism.

From a practical standpoint, they argue that criminals will always find a way to obtain guns, and that only law-abiding citizens would abide by regulations anyway.

Furthermore, they feel crimes are just as often prevented by the deterrent of gun possession, and a dangerous black market would develop in the event of tougher laws.

In light of recent events, and the arguments above, what do you think? Comment and vote below: Is it time to pass major gun control laws?


Criminals do not get their guns legally! How many Politicians, that are whining about guns, have armed body guards? They believe that a good man with a gun can shoot the bad man with a gun before the bad man gets to them. If we do away with guns for people that follow the laws, the only people with guns will be the people in service and the criminal.
How many weapons has our government supplied to other countries? If our government doesn't want weapons in our hands, then why are they giving weapons to other countries at our expense, using our tax dollars to supply other countries. Why has our government made the largest ammunition purchase in receint history and then want to band guns for its citizens? I am truely sad that we have people that will kill little children! The person that did this did not get his guns legally, and had no history. There is no way we can know who, or when someone will snap and the rest of us should be able to protect ourself when it happens. I like the idea of having an armed officer at every school. We should also have a nurse at every school! But it seems more important to our government that we support other countries instead of our own.


Fuck that POS Obama and his crocodile tears. And fuck all you idiots who believe in gun control. Once our 2nd amendment rights are stripped, you better hope that an armed criminal doesn't break into your house and ravage you and your family. If they do, consider yourself at least partially to blame. Gun control is NEVER going to stop criminals and psychos from getting and using a gun. Why are so many of you too stupid to realize this?


Whether it's people or animals, guns do kill. It's what it was invented for. The sole purpose of a gun is to either kill, harm or destroy something. So let's please stop with this whole 'guns don't kill people'. We all know it's not a logical argument, yet some people continue to keep using it.

@ Jamers

i dont agree guns dont kill people people kill people!!!!!! knives, bats, rocks, hammers etc can be uesed to kill should we ban these things as well. wake up pepole anything can be a weapone!!!!

@ Jamers

This is brilliant, thank you. People may pull the trigger, but ultimately it's the gun that kills.

Emily madrigal

Ok so I understand everyone wanting gnu control especially after what happened but let me tell you at guns don't kill people, people kill people. If these people are going to kill they will use anything to carry their ill will out. Granted the gunman would not have killed as many if he was stabbing them but he would have still done it. Besides like the saying goes "putting a lock on it only keeps the honest people honest." A crook or insane individual who gets it in there head to do something like this will find away no matter. If you ask me the principle should have been able to have a gun shot the fool in the head as he was getting there.

@ Emily Madrigal

Guns make it a hell of a lot easier to kill,especially large groups of people.You could argue that cars,knives,etc.,also can kill,however,those tools have other purposes.Guns have one purpose.To kill.

@ poisonapple

I couldn't have said it better!


No, guns do not kill people any more than spoons make people fat. Guns are a tool. One, that just like any tool, is used in a malicious manner can do damage. Then you have the FACT that never has making ANYTHING illegal stopped those who care nothing for the law from doing/having those things. That is obvious enough in the battle with drugs.All it will do when it comes to guns is keep them out of the hands of citizens who need protection from the criminals. Also, what do you say about the STABBING rampage in China yesterday? 30 children and 1 adult was killled with a kinfe. Sooo should china out law knives? After all a knife kill those children. What this boils down to is this- when someone is determined to harm others, to kill them, they WILL find a way- a tool- to use. Making more laws will not stop the lawless. It will not stop criminals and those intent on harm from their actions. It will only cause those of us who chose to own a gun for protection/ sport, who do so lawfully, to be put at a disadvantage. I urge you do to some REAL research. Look at the countries with laws requiring homes to have guns, look at their crime stats. Then look at those places where guns are the hardest to get. You can even seen the differences in the cities in our nation with the strictest guns control laws. They are more lawless, more dangerous than their counterparts.

@ Mackenzie

I that case we might as well outlaw cars because a fool could drive at a high rate of speed into a play ground and take out a half dozen? You will not stop killings "in mass" by outlawing guns no more than you can make some beleive that abortion is not murder in itself. Check yourself because many people send a mixed messsages with abortion- YES Guns- NO! To find the real problem- look at who is holding the gun! This is the same mindset that says -Higher Taxes provides for the needy. It does not. 1 million Concealed weapons permit... In Florida alone! Find a solution that is workable.


call bill the firemarshall, folks.


Everyone needs to realize....That no matter what laws are in effect ...THE criminals will NEVER abide.... Thus we MUST protect ourselves and our loved ones

@ Sherry

Hmm, kind of like how the mom protected herself with guns, which were ironically were the weapons used against her by the criminal? The criminals will never abide indeed, they will never abide by you asking them not to use the gun you purchased for protection, to be used against you.

@ Jamers

Nicely said Jamers!


I live in South Africa where it is so tough to get a gun licence yet we hear about murders everyday by criminals with illegal guns such as AK47 etc. Yes America does need stricter gun laws, but don't become like South Africa where the normal citizen can't protect himself and the criminals have almost every right ! Here we have adapted, and protect ourselves by having electric fencing around the perimeters and bars on windows and motion sensors in our gardens etc. Such a shame ! No chance of the death penalty here either - because we are all "human beings" - yeah right !!!!


yeah its ridiculous. the whole world is watchin n thinkin u lot r nuts in US. we dont have ppl walkin in and shootin randomly, even tho we have lotsa crime here in Europe and russia too. Hmm wonder why, oh let me see, yeah we cant get guns out of the pockets just like u guys can. The more guns u will have the more will die. ur choice


You people in America are crazy, all worried about becoming a socialist country more than you are about saving lives! More worried about your right to have gun than someone else's right to have life. I'm Australian, and sorry to the person who said it, but homicides are in fact down since the Howard Government brought in stricter gun laws. I feel completely safe in my environment because of this. The only real gun violence is among organised crime gangs, this will happen no matter what, but at least it is between themselves. Mentally handicapped people are not criminals and if you look you'll see many of your gun murders happen in the heat of the moment where, had a gun not been readily available, would not have happened at all. The rest of the western world is looking at you like you're idiots, if you could only see.

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