Connecticut School Shooting Reportedly Leaves 27 Dead

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Connecticut State Police are responding to reports of a shooting at an elementary school in the town of Newton that police sources say left 27 people dead.

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    This is tragedy within American society at large, and there is no solutions to this madness. The day a child in America has to learn in fear of a crazed gunmen bursting into their classroom learning enviroment is the day to send your children to school ON-LINE. For a child - a healthy safe secure learning enviroment is essential to good grades as well as healthy social skills development. First there was Columbine, then Virginia Tech, now the worst massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School,. These incidents are beyond the state ability to secure, truth people truth.
    jThere are many on-line organizations dedicated to your childs education within the safety and security of learning at homw through internent correspondence. One such shool available in most states is CONNECTIONS ACADEMY and the advertise this service is free, worth checking out !
    The tradegy is no child should have to die like this simply trying to get an education.
    Pro-action is a guaranteed solution to secure your childs safety while learning and getting their education, and they can still play with their friends after their home studies is done for the day, just like the pioneers did, educated their own, and never to worry again!

    Kevin Graham
    Edmonton, AB


    What kind of sick person would do that to kind.Why the fuck


    All of these school shootings are so terrifying, senseless and ridiculous!!!!! Beyond tragic!!!!!


    It is understandable that the Lanza brothers would had caused a shootout at the high school(s) they attended. But, because they targeted people at an elementary school, that is just odd, insensitive, and despicable. What did the little kids and their teachers really do to those idiotic so-called men?


    Learn Your Grammar


    This absolutely tragic!! What kind of sick minded person would do this???


    schools are becomeing no longer safe for young kids. Seems like home school would be a better option .


    Unbelievable. My guess is, this guy was pissed by school principle and phsyc involvement in a "abuse' case. Just before, it...hit the fan,he ended it,on HIS terms. WOW. Tragic.

    @ sherry malueg

    He did this because he had an argument with his mother so he wanted to kill her


    What is this real news story doing on crummy this gossip web site? Lets get your priorities straight!


    Too many humans are using guns nonchalantly,killing themselves and taking other innocent people down!!!

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