Kate Gosselin Slammed For #SuperfunSandy Hashtag

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Kate Gosselin is under fire for her use of a Twitter hashtag.

The uber-timely #SuperfunSandy to be exact. #Classy.

Bad Kate Gosselin Pic

Robert Hoffman, whose anti-Kate book generated controversy this fall, and who alleges she plans to exploit her kids on reality TV once more, is slamming her for the following Tweet:

"Winding down now with some uber exciting Disney channel.. #SuperfunSandy," Kate wrote Monday.

Titled "The Most Disgusting Human Being I Know," Hoffman took to his blog the next day to express outrage at Kate using the term "super fun" when describing Hurricane Sandy:

People died.

People lost their homes and all of their possessions.

People will be without power for weeks in some places.

A man died in a collapsed home near Kate Gosselin.

But she is so self-absorbed and insensitive to others that she would take to her Twitter account to declare #SuperfunSandy.

But how could anyone expect anything less from the same clueless, heartless person who described the September 11 terrorist attack as "the Sept 11 bombings or whatever."

Hoffman, who wrote the e-book Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World and claims she hit her kids with a wooden spoon and was cruel to their pets, is clearly not a fan.

Imagine if she actually took Vivid up on its Kate Gosselin nude TV show offer. Guy would go out of his mind. Why he hates her so much is anyone's guess.

Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World is said to contain info stolen from her hard drive by Jon Gosselin, who reportedly gave him during their divorce war.

Hoffman and Jon Gosselin deny this; he claims he found it in a dumpster. Seriously. In any case, the work is on the shelf - or the electronic equivalent - for now.

The book was quickly removed from Amazon due to legal threats from Kate's camp, but he is still threatening to release more damaging information about her.

Stay tuned, because this guy clearly won't rest until he ruins her.

More than she's already been ruined by life, that is.

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I think Kate Gosslin is a stuck up bitch & it's a sad shame that she had to appear on the first episode of Celebrity House Wife. That women will do anything for money. She couldn't dance so she thinks she can go into other people's lives & tell them how to be a better wife, mother, etc. Kate please stay home & watch your kids & stay out of the lime light. You're not a celebrity by far!!!!!!!


why do you people brother to read stories about her if all you do is "bash" her like others... stop hiding behind the computer screen!!! in episode after episode of Jon &Kate plus 8 and Kate plus 8 she said, I'm not sad we're not going to be on TV anymore, I'm sad for the fans who truly love the kids and want to know who they'll turn out to be.


Hopefully, each time that Kate attempts to put herself and her useless kids in the limelight, media will reinforce the public's view that they don't want to ever see them on tv again.


How do you know what she used that hashtag in reference to?..All of you have nothing better to do then bash. Her husband cheated and stole money..but he's OK...you are all a bunch of idiots

@ Tara

How do we put her on the BLACK LIST for good ?


Kate ruined all the wonderful opportunities she had by her narcissictic behavior. How many people close to her have come forward and advocated for her? None. Nobody has questioned what author Hoffman has written only his right to the documents. I read the book. Most of the information I already knew. Nothing in it surprised me. I have to question just what TLC is so afraid of that reality TV is phony? God help us all if the executives of TLC think we are all that stupid!


I am waiting for the tell all mommy dearest book that the kids will be writing.


No one can ruin Kate faster than her demanding, controlling sour attitude can. She never got the message that it was the kids we were all interested in, not her. I don't think she ever will, and I feel sorry for those kids and anyone who has to spend more than 5 minutes with the ego-maniac.


Yep, her 6 fans are always around to feed Kate's narcissism.


No one has to destroy or ruin Kate, she has done a very effective job through her endless years of bad behaviors. A woman who pushes her own biological family to the curb and threatens to sue her own brother speaks volumes about this woman's character.

@ Cinde

Exactly!!! She's an ego-maniacal control freak who only cares about what she wants and no one else, including her children. It's always Kate first!!!


I don't like her, but it almost seems like she was being sarcastic. I don't think she meant that sandy was 'super fun'.

@ Jasmine C

Doesn't matter. Her "sarcasm" as you call it, was totally devoid of any care and compassion for those who lost everything, including their lives.

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