Chrissy Teigen Threatened By Depraved, Violent Chris Brown Fans

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Chrissy Teigen has been inundated with violent, twisted threats from deranged Chris Brown fans after she DARED criticize his performance Sunday night.

Teigen, a model for Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated, Tweeted after seeing Chris at the Billboard Music Awards, "Why sing when you can dance?"

Team Breezy, suffice it to say, went INSANE on her. Like beyond insane. It makes Brown's Twitter beef with Pink look downright tame by comparison.

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Among the choice Tweets from twisted Brown fans - some of whom also said he could beat on them anytime he wants, it's worth noting - include:

  • "All you do is talk s**t, you need to be raped and murdered."
  • "killyoself bitch ur nothing but tall thats why you model. your nothing."
  • "ditzy dumb ass tramp your mother should've aborted you."
  • "i hope you are the next 'celebrity' to die"
  • "you have the brain capacity of a turtle, just die."

The Twitter handles responsible for most of the threats have been deleted.

Chrissy, who is engaged to John Legend, responded, "Reallllly makes me sad that 99% of the most disturbing comments come from young girls."

"I'll end it there but it makes me sad. I have screen caps. I will do everything I can to make sure people know, internet or not, you CAN'T say this s**t."

Seriously, Team Breezy. Your man's a good performer, but calm. The hell. Down.



I grew up with Chrissy and you all don't know shit. She is a kind and generous person and shes entitled to her opinion just like all of your idiots. grow up.


Wow I'm a Chris Brown fan but some of those tweets were just insane. I mean calm down for real. And to Barbara he made a mistake years ago, paid for what he did and now he should be able to move on. It's not fair that you and other people think he shouldn't be making money because of a mistake he made in his personal life. Move on and leave him alone.


Fuck ur all hatters , i am a huge fans of breezy .fuck you all and your motherfuckin mamas hatters


@Black Men United the only jackass is all the hatter's that's hatting on him that's all about having dedicated fan that have his back no matter what he did not tell his fan to do anything we do it because his human and deserve respect I agree he make a mistake and the woman that should be made at him forgive him so why u all judge him so bad give him a chance for one


@barbara shut the fuck up you're the biggest chris brown hatter I ever know stupid bitch your opion don't even matter


comeon guyz no need for dis.chris is probably somewhere enjoyin his day n yall here are waring.grow up folks


In response to Barbara. I come from a upper middle class, well educated household and to actually suggest that anyone who likes Chris Browns music is not on your level is insulting and not true. I am "cultured" as you would say and think it is crazy that we are basing this performers talents on what he does in his personal life. I dont agree with his behavior but please , do you know how many musicians been convicted of domestic violence? I think it is completely out of control that a person who has been convicted of a crime, served his sentence , can't move on and make a living.


u stupid prick leav her alo


@100%..u just represented "team sleezy" perfectly. im sure ur quite the looker too ..douchebags


But his bad behaviour is NOT THE PAST. He continues to be a horrible humanbeing. Have you ever read his twitter feed? Even now instead of apologizing to the victim of his fans, he calls her existence pointless!

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