Jenelle Evans REALLY Loves Ke$ha

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Ke$ha found herself embroiled in drama on last night's Teen Mom 2. Sorta.

On the most recent episode of the MTV reality hit, Jenelle Evans weighed her options after a failed drug test: Spend 45 days in jail, or go back on probation.

Going on probation would mean no smoking weed for like a year … big no-no for her. Then again if she went to jail, she'd totes miss the big Ke$ha concert.

It was a moot point, as she went on to fail ANOTHER drug test, but what we're driving at is that Jenelle Evans really likes the dollar-signed pop singer.

Case in point? This old video she posted of herself rockin' out to "TiK ToK," b*tches!!!!


I love Teen Mom but I can't stand watching her. If I lived near her I would kick her little butt. Her son is so adorable and she makes horrible decisions about him at least that's what the show displays!!!


Please stop writing on the internet, Britney. It's hurting my eyes.


this is the best part: SHE WOULD EVEN LICK HER!!

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