Demi Lovato to Press: Give Lindsay Lohan a Break!

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With Lindsay Lohan staring down four new charges after her nightclub fight with Tiffany Ava Mitchell, and once again facing the wrath of celebrity gossip bloggers, the very troubled actress has a surprising fellow celebrity on her side:

Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato on X Factor Stage
Lindsay Lohan Premiere Picture

In an exchange with Perez Hilton on Twitter, Lovato - who went to rehab a year ago and understands what it's like to struggle in the spotlight - made a plea for the public to stop laying into Lindsay's personal life.

"I really wish we could go back in time when artists were known for their work," Lovato wrote. "Not their personal lives."

She then addressed Hilton directly and added:

"The media (not just you) don't realize when you need to stop... This isn't a headline for your readers. This is someone's life...why does it need to become everyone's business? If you believe someone needs help - help them."

What do you think, THGers? Does Demi have a point? Is the media too harsh on Lindsay Lohan?


"I really wish we could go back in time when artists were known for their work," Lovato wrote. "Not their personal lives." She couldn't have said it better but these are only words be cause no one would know her if it was like this


Demi, I Love You, but sometimes you annoy me everytime you think that you can save everybody. Lindsey is an adult, she chose the life she has now, and loves being in the media. Lindsey is who she is and you can´t do anything. Demi, stop having a bunch of bastards stuck on you because they weigh, and you should take care of your health first. You need to have balanced life and friendships, remember? Stay away from these poisonous products of Hollywood!


I'm sorry miss lovato but please stfu. Lindsey does things to put her self in the media. I'm sorry that your not big anymore like u use to be like 2 years ago


If you are fan of DEMI LOVATO vote for CECE FREY,demi´s really deserve to win because simon frequently humiliate her in the show,is this is just one big shit...He´s is just one stupid jerk and totally arrogant!!Emblem 3 don´t deserve to win.Emblem3 are the exactly like simon with beautifull and young bodies...just
a type of the artist who has no respect for your fans and the other´s persons...


she'll probably get the break and it is a matter of time that Lindsay will be pathetic and a small story on a back page of Enquire that she was found in a cheap hotel in Culver City......


if lindsay lohan is making a crap scene? i'm sure the "media" do it too!


lilo "Bought" her vote?
but with WHAT, exactly?


"I really wish we could go back in time when artists were known for their work, not their personal lives." Then stop doing things that ends you up going in jail geez.
Lindsay always brings up onto herself. In fact she should appreciate all the attention she gets since she will get NONE at all just by her works.

@ Corn

Exactly. And if we are to focus on her work, it doesn't look good for her anyway. She's proven she cannot work as an adult actress. In fact, people were focusing on her work a great deal this past week! "Liz & Dick" was the disaster of her career. Swing and a miss, Miss Lovato.


why does lohan's head look flat..

@ Mud

Because she's wearing a really bad wig in that photo.


LOL,Oh please this girl has had so many breaks especially the court its not funny anymore. I hope this me,me,me person finally does some time. When she said you got to be kidding while getting arrested,tells you she thinks she is always above it all!!

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