Tiffany Mitchell: The Chick Who Got Punched By Lindsay Lohan

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Tiffany Ava Mitchell, the chick who claims Lindsay Lohan punched her at a club this week, is actually a fortune teller. No word if her crystal ball predicted 15 minutes of fame.

Lohan and Mitchell

Mitchell claims Lohan, upset that The Wanted's Max George was flirting with Tiffany instead, hurled a racial slur at her inside Avenue nightclub, calling her a "f**king gypsy."

Tiff's friend shot back at LiLo, telling her Liz & Dick sucked, and that's when it got physical.

Hey, sometimes, the truth hurts ... and guzzling two liters of vodka a day doesn't exactly keep one on an even keel emotionally. Might want to lay off it, Linds.

So who is this girl Lohan popped? According to the Extra ...

  1. Tiffany Mitchell goes by her middle name, Ava.
  2. She’s married and the mother of two children.
  3. Ava owned and operated Ava’s Psychic Visions in Palm Beach before moving to New York City six months ago.
  4. She specializes in tarot, palm and psychic energy readings, which offer clients “hope, inspiration or insight.”
  5. The psychic gift runs in her family, apparently. Tiffany Ava Mitchell began having premonitions at age 10.

We have a premonition that Lindsay Lohan is headed to jail for violating her probation. The tarot cards say it will be so ... that and four criminal charges in one day.


Chuka I do agree with you on the gypsy slur thing your right... On the other had I know this Tiffany Mitchell and she a complete con artist she's not a psychic people she a scam the only reason why she's in ny because she had to run from fl cause she scammed someine out of $40,000.... Know if Lindsey is smart she should get a really good private investigator and investigate her her husband and all her family ... cause the only reason why there making a big deal out of it is because they think there going to get paid... This is what they do Insurance case fortune telling, sugar daddys, drive ways, roofing, anything to make a dollar I know them thats what they do... And the real story was the guy wasn't flirting with her, Tiffany went up to Lindsey to tell her fortune lindsey said no then the guy the lindsey was talking to started up a convo with Tiffany, and theres more to the story but The alleged psychic said something to Lindsey That really provoked her... She just didn't come out swinging... And if Tiffany was so Brusied and swollen why did it look like she just walk out of a salon when she posed with her lawyer Gloria Allred.. She looked perfectly fine to me...


Hi my name is Chuka, and I am a "Romani" or better known but the RACIAL SLUR "GYPSY" Now here's the deal, let's just say LINSAY LOHEN said THE "N" WORD in a club in NYC, the very next day she would issue a apology to all African Americans, and the NAACP. Witch is what anyone who allows that kind of garbage talk to come out of there mouths, But being that we the ROMANI PEOPLE are the smallest minority in the US and are not represented on capital hill, All We Got from Lohen Was, "I DIDN'T KNOW F***ING GYPSY WAS A RACIAL SLUR" WTF?!?!?!?!?!?! HOW ABOUT AN APOLOGY, To A People Who Have Been slaves from the 1500's until the 1700's, and masmurder by hitler and the ss during WW2 along with the Jews in the death camps, But Germany did not apologize for killing three million Romani yet ether, it's like a trend or something? This is why WE don't deal with the "GAJI" non-Romani to much, we can't handle the punishment just for not looking the same as you. Its sad and wrong.


How is "f**king gypsy" a racial slur??? I'm pretty sure that she was referring to the womans occupation not her race.

@ Jw

So her occupation is being a gypsy??? And I been a gypsy all my life for free!? Are you nuts or just having a bad day?


the gypsy should have seen that haymaker coming!! Lohan sucks but lets see that bruised face!


......Tiffany started the braw for attentionl?


If this Tiffany Mitchell chick is an actual psychic (or whatever), maybe she can predict when loony LiLo will go away and stop torturing us with her annoying and awful antics. Just a thought..........


MOST normal, regular people would punch someone if they insulted them. Especially if they had the entire country against them and they have self esteem issues. Does anyone really blame Lindsay? Shes a person, she makes mistakes.. she gets upset.. and yes, she even gets to the point where she punches someone. Who gives a hoot! How many millions of people are out there who have been in a downward spiral? Who have tried to be better then it just backfires. How would you like it is every 'news source' in the country was saying mean things about you? You would not like it and your self esteem would go down the drain quickly. No one ever gets better when everyone is putting them down. Why dont we just leave her alone so she can get her life in order? And I did not think Liz & Dick was all that bad. Its a friggin made for TV movie! Its not supposed to be a huge bugdet film. She also has parents who are a horrible influence on her. She has a lot of things against her and the only things people have to say to her are horrible, self degrading words.. WTF is wrong with this world? Are YOU any better? Have you NEVER gone through anything that threw a curve ball in your life? Have you NEVER had a time in your life where the downs seemed more than the ups and you just sucked at making decisions and are frustrated with yourself? If you answer no, then you are under the age of 30. EVERYONE has ups and downs. No one is perfect. So why do we seek perfection in the actors and actresses of the day? You dont know what goes on in Hollywood. We really have no clue what shes *really* been through. So shut your yap and leave the girl alone, she has more important things to deal with.
Ah, if only humans had a 'shut up' switch. Only in a perfect world. haha

@ me

humans need to have self control, thats what separates us from the animals. lohan needs to go to jail and pay her dues!

@ me

My, that certainly was a mouthful, wasn't it? It is such a hoot you ended your post with, "if only humans had a 'shut up' switch". We'd need to use it on you first! Seriously, that was the most verbose and scattered post, that I don't even think I can address it all. I don't want to. Yowzer.


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