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Tiffany Ava Mitchell, the chick who claims Lindsay Lohan punched her at a club this week, is actually a fortune teller. No word if her crystal ball predicted 15 minutes of fame.

Mitchell claims Lohan, upset that The Wanted’s Max George was flirting with Tiffany instead, hurled a racial slur at her inside Avenue nightclub, calling her a “f**king gypsy.”

Tiff’s friend shot back at LiLo, telling her Liz & Dick sucked, and that’s when it got physical.

Lindsay and Bader Image

Hey, sometimes, the truth hurts … and guzzling two liters of vodka a day doesn’t exactly keep one on an even keel emotionally. Might want to lay off it, Linds.

So who is this girl Lohan popped? According to the Extra

  1. Tiffany Mitchell goes by her middle name, Ava.
  2. She’s married and the mother of two children.
  3. Ava owned and operated Ava’s Psychic Visions in Palm Beach before moving to New York City six months ago.
  4. She specializes in tarot, palm and psychic energy readings, which offer clients “hope, inspiration or insight.”
  5. The psychic gift runs in her family, apparently. Tiffany Ava Mitchell began having premonitions at age 10.

We have a premonition that Lindsay Lohan is headed to jail for violating her probation. The tarot cards say it will be so … that and four criminal charges in one day.