Sarah and Willow Palin Read Some Celebrity Gossip

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Four years ago, Sarah Palin was a serious contender to become the next Vice President of the United States. Now, she's reading celebrity gossip at KMart.

  • Sarah and Willow Palin
  • Plastic Surgery SHOCKERS!
  • Sarah Palin at KMart

At the retail establishment with her second-oldest daughter Willow, Sarah decided to check out the latest edition of the National Enquirer as the paparazzi watched.

The tabloid, of course, features Bristol Palin on its cover.

The title of the cover story: "Plastic Surgery Shockers."

Despite sporting a remarkable, almost unrecognizably different-looking face since 2009, the Dancing With the Stars hopeful has denied plastic surgery in the past.

Regardless of whether she had work done, that's a scary cover. Sarah must be so proud of her little girl's inclusion on it, alongside her old foe Katie Couric.

What do you think: Did Bristol get plastic surgery?


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Not sure--is Gino still living with Bristol and planning to do a show with her about a trial marriage? or has Joey Junkie moved in and Gino was kicked out? Only thing anyone knows for sure is that as long as the guy is a Christian, the Bible says that Bristol and her boy friend can have sex.


so cheap that she wants to read the tabloids but not pay.....


Thanks for the exciting photos of slender, stylish, shapely, seductive Gov. Sarah Palin. She is sooooo pretty!


Bristol had cosmetic work. It was not necessary reconstructive surgery that had a cosmetic effect as well, but PLASTIC SURGERY. I found it insulting that she claimed she needed it because her jaw was off. I know the ins and outs of maxillofacial surgery for malocclusions and mandibular retrognathism. I'm the combo of premed (no, I don't claim to know it all because I want to be a doc. In fact, I know enough to know I have so much to learn in med school. But for a lay-person, I know my med sh**) and having maxillomandibular retrognathism. I know what Bristol claimed she had done, and I know what it entails. She's a liar. And it insults a legit patient like myself. It was reason 348 to dislike the Palins.

@ Kats

just about every dentist, oral surgeon and even plastic surgeon has said that what the Palins said about Bristol's chin was a lie. Levi has said that Bristol was having plastic surgery even before she became pregnant. Apparently the Palins think that they are judged only by their appearance, and as long as they look good, they can be mean and dishonest.


LOOK KATIE COURIC - I'm reading!! And wearing glasses inside a store so people will NOTICE ME!! NOTICE ME!!! NOTICE ME!! P.S. - Not many people by the tender age of 20 have had their entire face reupholstered...

@ KatieAnnieOakly

Hah, so true. To think someone like that can obtain a political career in America... I shudder. She's a fame whore and her embarrassment of a daughter, Bristol learned from the best. When I had my facial surgeries, I looked like a different person. Her facial transformation, however was so clearly from plastic surgery. She wasn't even clever in her excuse for it "being necessary." Not that she's bright enough to speak about the procedures, had they been medically necessary. She also learned how to not speak intelligently from Mama Palin. Keep enjoying Russia from your home! After 15 min. is fully up, all go back to your Wasilla caves where you belong. Such embarrassments.

@ Kats

Bristol is just a liar. Sad but true. She makes her dentist look like a fool when she claims that he made her face change so much when he was just trying to correct her bite. She makes the dermatologist she works for look like an idiot for paying her over $100,000 a year to be his office manager and she only has to come in to work when she isn't dancing, or doing the talk shows or calling the tabloids begging for an article about her. We can only surmise that what she claims to be doing for the dermatologist is something that his wife would not want to have happening in the office.

@ KatieAnnieOakly

Isn't Sarah just a joke? She goes to the salon to get her fake eyelashes done, and then goes to K-Mart to shop for toilet paper and read National Enquirer to see what she's done that was stupid that someone captured on tape or film for the political world to ridicule. Which pregnant daughter is with the Grizzled One today? She must have gotten a check in for her PAC so it was time to go shopping. I can't believe she has the nerve to grift for more money for her PAC since she contributes less than 2% to campaigns and spends the rest on her family and personal expenses. One day soon, i hope the IRS takes another hard look at her income declared versus her personal expenditures to see if she's declaring income on the personal expenses paid out of her PAC. Last time they found all kinds of irregularities in her personal finances. I guess it's all she can do since no one will hire her after Ailes gives her the boot in January.

@ KatieAnnieOakly

Poor Katie, you've spent years at that computer having no life of your own, doing nothing but throwing feces at Sarah Palin 24/7. You realize that the upshot of all this is that Palin herself is living the life you wish you had, don't you? Oh, and Palin's doing just fine, while Couric's show isn't doing so well. Me? I'm a Palin fan, but I had the good sense to take vacation and actually live a life? You? All you've got is your hate. Poor girl.

@ Chris Jefferson

Poor Chris Jefferson. Putting all his time defending a damsel in distress. Wonder how much he is being paid to write something positive on the message boards about the half term Guv who quit because she couldn't keep up with all the valid unethical complaints the State wouldn't defend her against. State of Alaska's Attorney General said they had plenty of money in the account for her defense but they couldn't defend her when they felt the unethics complaint was true. Sarah needs to put her big girl panties on and realize that she has failed as a parent and as a politician. None of her children are something to be proud of. Family of grifters or pan handlers, stealing from mama's PAC.

@ Chris Jefferson

Chris, you sound like one of those who haven't learned yet. Is that your picture? Are you Enola or Gay? lol Yes, I know the history of the plane, silly. I'm just laughing at that photo of you and your "manly" defense of what's left of the Twitter Quitter. She's a real hit with the tranny crowd, who love to imitate her while despising her personal attributes. I guess you didn't read the memo. Sarah appreciates the $ that you send to her so she can keep up with her plastic surgery regimen. She needs to do something about her turkey neck again soon. And she needs some serious moisturizer on those hands. They're such an easy age tell for older women like Sarah who are too lazy to take care of themselves. Toodles.