Justin Bieber Tattoo: Take 8!

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Justin Bieber is all about the animals these days.

The singer has inked himself once again, this time showing off a fresh forearm tattoo of an owl, along with the unexplained Instagram caption "Befo the paps get me."

What do you think of the permanent marking?

Justin Bieber Owl Tattoo

Bieber - who now has eight tattoos, including one of Jesus and one of a crown - also introduced fans yesterday to a new member of his entourage, a hamster named Pac.

"Me and #pac on the road," Justin Tweeted, debuting the first photo of his furry friend.

The little guy probably gets to hang around a lot in Bieber's pants. That's one lucky pet.


I personally like them all. He has good taste in tattoos, and at least they're meaningful to him! I personally wouldn't mind having a few of his myself (I'm a guy).


cool tat cuz i luv animals 2 luv,
tina bell


i agree with jasmine... pleaasse don't get ALOT of tattoos i know ur the one that should decide that but if u get a tattoo it is permanent and when u get older u could wrinkle... and when u have alot of tattoos it looks absolutely terrible when they fade lots of love YOUR BIGGEST FAN IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD :>

Naomi gutierrez

justin i lov u sooo much lik more than you will ever know and i lov all ur tattoos but please stop now i am seriously going to cry i dont want you to get a tons of tattoos jst please i respect ur decisions jst please no huge ones escpecially lik that jst please omg whn i found out about this my heart sank and i jst want to cry i lov u so much and ur perfect the way u are dont change ever! i love you! #BelieberForLife


Umm pleas dont get a lot of tattos on ur body I know its yours and I love as a fan but the thing is ur skin is awesome with the tats u have and I love them all buyt as a fan don't get ur whole body full of them love u jb


i think thats a kool tattoo,but i can't beleive he did that.

@ brandi delgado

I know right !!!!!

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