Justin Bieber Tattoo Reveal: Crowned!

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Justin Bieber has been crowned. By himself.

The (topless!!!) singer revealed a new tattoo to followers on Twitter last night, posting the photo below along and making the crown on his upper right chest clear.

He included the funny caption: "Im thinking to myself 'wow really justin 3 shirtless pics in 3 days' who do i think i am a young @Mark_Wahlberg sheesh lol."

Justin Bieber Tattoo

This is merely Bieber's latest permanent mark.

He also has a big picture of Jesus Christ on his calf, along with a tattoo that matches his dad's: father and son both have "Yeshua," the Hebrew word for "Jesus," tattooed vertically on their left torsos.

What do you think of Justin's most recent addition? Compare it now to the newest from Lady Gaga, who also showed off some fresh ink over the holiday weekend.


ate bagunsado ele é perfeito como é possivel ser tao bonitoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


I love Justin Bieber FOREVER! I love his new tattoo! PS: I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wv peach

Lift some weights kid.....you're looking like a girly-man.


He was so gay before, now this proves it .. he's so girly


I don't like his personality but his voice is ok !!!!anyways , i don't really like this tattoo


he's pathetic no-talent princess, so why would anybody who is sain care about he's 'new tatoo'? or him/her in general?
luckily i live in europe where he's popular only in some small villages in germany. in most of the countries he's the joke. like chuck norris.
but they also liked david hasselhoff's 'singing', so no wonder. it's the same kind of no-talent trash.


He is not gay so stop hatin haters!!!


You guys are just jealous because your gf might like him more than you hehehe, man nowadays teenagers are just fken messed up , don't mistaken me for old people I'm a teen too but im not those girls who just want to fuck around making their life more miserable and just doing drugs just to make them look cool ,in reailty it's just plain stupid. Justin is a guy and stop calling him a gay , he is the man
Geesh every teenager want a real man but they are always name calling a actual nice guy a gay , I can see why you guys are always end up with a total jerk


he should come out of the closet! he is so gay!


Oh look! The princess got a tattoo... SO gay...

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