Donald Trump to Robert Pattinson: You Can Do Better!

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For reasons known only to himself, Donald Trump has offered some advice to Robert Pattinson.

Now that the actor is back together with Kristen Stewart (and planning a secret wedding?!?), the Celebrity Apprentice boss has taken to Twitter and delivered the following words of wisdom:

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"Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart. She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again — just watch. He can do much better!"

This, of course, is a view shared by many others. But most of them are 14-year old Twihards.

Where do you stand on Trump's assessment? Can Robert Pattinson do better than Kristen Stewart?


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Ironic really...when the most popular book is titled "Shades of Grey" and yet everyone is thinking about concerns of the heart & love in terms of "black and white." Life and love are lived in shades of grey--everyday. Sometimes the boundaries become blurred--even more so when the people in the relationship are actors. Don't be so harsh on Rob and Kristen...We have watched their love develop over the course of the Twilight Movie Series--not all of what came thru on the screen was "acting." Let Rob n Kristen define what their relationship will be going forward--I wish them well. Mr. Trump needs to let Dr. Phil be the relationship coach


You will never just her again in your heart, best to leave her alone and find a new love , time does heal all wounds!


Is this a joke. Trumpy should speak for himself. One a cheater always cheater. That only reflections on some not all. Leave Rob n Kristen Alone....Thank you very much.


Dont really like Donald but he is right .Rob can do better.Kristen cheated for the reason she didnt value him ot their relatioship.she didnt even care that Rupert is married.thats speaked volume what kind of person she is ,recless,immature and stupid.Rob need to move on and Kristen need to grow up and develope a moral compass.


I think he should dump her because just watch kristen stewert do it again! she did it once, she'll do it again! DUMP HER!


Trump should know - his 3 wives cheated on him dozens of times.


Donald Trump need to shut his big mouth. Look at his marriage/divorce record! Nuff said. Let them decide themselves what they want do.


he should just dump her and come find me ;)


Rob,if you love Kristen you need to tell everyone to butt out.


Excuse me, but isn't this the same blow-hard who CHEATED on his wife? Repeatedly?? Where the hell does he get off giving anyone advice about cheating partners? God he irritates me.

@ Kris

I was thinking the same thing when I was reading that...He looks like such a fool...MORE REALLY!!

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