Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Planning a "Secret Wedding?"

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We're way past reconciliation, Twihards.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are clearly about to get married.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Tabloid Claim

If you believe the latest Life & Style cover story, that is.

According to that tabloid, Stewart is "forcing" Pattinson to "commit" to marriage, with anonymous sources claiming the nuptials may take place prior to the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

That gives them just over a month! Talk about a totally contrived and untrue article exciting!

Do you buy that Kristen has "sick control" over Rob? Do you actually think these two will exchange vows any time soon? Do you think they should?

We already know how Kristen Stewart's mom feels. But what about you, THGers?

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good for them


see i like to hear about the good and bad of the soap opera world. It seems to help me deal with the daily ups and downs of my life, but i love that they are real people with real problems and honestly its their business if they work things out of not. I know they are awesome actors and they have wonderful chemistry that most dont have.....


LOVE is a beautiful words i do believe that they will get married. Why..because they love each other.


rob i love you two together and i love the passion between u two in twilight but i believe u r madly in love with her but i dont think the same of her... i mean why the hell would someone cheat on you...marry me<3


I believe she was recently seen looking at wedding dresses in paris. Not that this is anyone's business, but I think he's a fool if he takes her back. She cheated once, and she'll do it again.


haters shut up. All we care about is that they are happy. All I can Say is Rob, put a ring on it. Robsten Forever x


they are not even can you plan a wedding.she need a lot of growing up to do.what she did to Rob and Liberty is so heartless.the most hurtful is a deception.she only come clean because she got caught if not she will continue cheating on Rob behind his back.


she is too immature.look what happened to her,caught making out with Rupert .she too reckless and careless.didnt even care that Rupert is married with about Rob?sRob need to move on and she need to grow up.thst so narcisisstic for her not care about Rob ,Liberty and the children


I dont think Kristin is a very warm person. She has cold eyes. I believe Rob will be better off with someone else. Her fame has gone to her head and she is just being herself when she does and says the things she does.

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