Bristol Palin Receives Death Threats, Calls Out "Ghetto" Carrie Ann Inaba

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Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars contestant Bristol Palin is never one to shy away from controversy, but the people threatening her life may want to chill out.

Yes, Bristol says she's receiving regular death threats this fall.

Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars Results Show

“People have such opinions about me. It's like ‘I hate you, I want you dead and I want to shoot my TV,’” she explains of her public perception. “I don't read any of it."

When you ruffle feathers on your own show, though, you may not have a choice.

Bristol tries not to pay attention to negative comments from "haters" ... but she faced some harsh comments from the judges on Dancing With the Stars this week.

Calling out Bristol's partner Mark Ballas for breaking the show's rules with his choreography, Carrie Ann said, "You slammed us in the face, so we're slamming back."

“She got pretty ghetto there,” Bristol says of Carrie Ann.

“That's pretty much what it was: a ghetto comment.

But despite the haters and the harassment, Bristol has made it through to another round of competition, surviving last night's Dancing With the Stars results show.

How does she respond to making it through despite her low scores?

“We do see the positive side of it," Bristol Palin said of advancing.

“We did get voted through even though we had the lowest scores. That speaks volumes compared to anyone hiding behind a cell phone tweeting about us.”

How far will Bristol Palin make it this season? Are you rooting for her? Do you wish she'd just go back to Alaska and never be heard from again? Discuss!


Why cant people leave other people alone. She is young and has done nothing to anyone. Do people have nothing better to do except be negative. I am not a palin fan but why talk so bad about people. Sounds like jeolousy to me.


She's young and having fun with the DWTS show. The Palin family has paid a huge price since Sarah's nomination for VP. Just a family doing the best they can under the circumstaces they've been dealt. True Americans!


C.J. Sounds like your a little to close on this family? You wouldn't to be a Bristolafob would ya?


suzee Lets see your happy Aa* get on the show!


Dance Bristol Dance! Good luck next week!


PEOPLE!! Wake up smell the coffee, The Palin family has been a conversial subject since ma-ma turned up on the sceen. she isn.t much of a politition at the least to quit her position as Govenor and cast the state of Alaska under the bus like she did. If not all known she and #1 dude are between $500,000-$1,000,000 in debt and are not far from property foreclosure among other problems. she's so great Fox News dropped her..And her husband had to get another job at a cannery.."All smarts and brains"..And as far as Christel-Bristol goes, well that's another story in it's self..I think she nothing to write home to a Mother about..if I had a daughter who laid shame on my family like she did her's, her butt would been thrown out. So take that to the bank and deposit it....'MOTHER AMD DAUGHTER ARE ALL ABOUT" themselves..........

@ C.J.

I'm for Bristol. It's none of our business no matter their life style is. At least she's trying to do the best she can to earn money decently to raise her kid. She's not the only one who's a single parent! It just happened that her Mom is a political figure and their lives are being played by the media. If they were a regular family, do you think we would know she gave birth to a child out of wedlock? It's kind of mind boggling why others hate her so much when she didn't do anything wrong to anybody. That's un-Godly and mean! If we can't be nice at least be civil.


I all for Bristol....You go girl!!.........
all my friends will also vote Bristol and Mark

@ martha

I agree That Bristol should fight back and go on with her life.


Yes Bristol, go back to Alaska & forget it all. Your not worth it. I don't think people should be throuwing out threats, but you do need to just go home.


I hope that Bristol and Mark show the judges that they are better than the competition the
they are up against.


From now on, all my votes go to Bristol and Mark.

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