Bristol Palin: Slammed on Dancing With the Stars!

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Bristol Palin made it all the way to the finals on Dancing With the Stars in her first stint on the show. This fall, she may be out the door after just two routines.

She can thank partner Mark Ballas for "slamming" the judges by breaking choreography rules, and the judges for slamming the duo with Monday's lowest scores.

Mark and Bristol's western-themed quickstep drew a harsh rebuke from Carrie Ann Inaba, who said they slammed the judges by breaking the rules, "so guess what, we slam back."

Indeed. The couple's score of 18 was eight behind Sabrina Bryan's 26, and a full three points behind Kirstie Alley's 21, the second-lowest score of the evening.

Len Goodman said he "liked the hoedown but technique was a bit low-down." Mark's excuse was that he "wanted to focus on Bristol having a good time."

Barring a surprising vote turnout to make up the gap and stick around beyond Week 2's Dancing With the Stars results show, she won't be having one tonight.

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Bristol makes DWTS a joke all the other contestants work their butts offer to provide a great performance, and she just does enough to get by, and in the end she stays, and dancers with much more talent are elimimated, ABC smarten up we don't like bristol, she stays on because of her mothers party votes.


Why did the judges rate her so high? The top dancers got 8's and she got 7? OMG she gets big money for this AND cries and blames white powder, her partner, etc. A sullen and "entitled" person, making big money, with no talent , no great features or endearing personality. Amazing what a MOMMY DEAREST can do! WHy doesn't she go home and take care of her child? Better yet, stop the show, give her the trophy --let's not continue this sham!


Bristol Palin actually believes that she will win the mirror ball trophy. Unbelieveable. Apparently she also believes that the winner is whoever's Mommy pays the most money. Why don't they set up a phone line that deposits $5.00 for each vote that TwinkleToes receives? Or is it cheaper to pay off the producers and whoever is fixing the phone lines not to work correctly? Dancing with the Stars is starting to look awful dumb for listening to Bristol and her Mom beg for her to be included on Season 15. Can't believe that anyone will ever want her in another TV show after they see how little people think of the Wasilla Valley Trash and her family. Media whores and celebrity wannabees and Hollywood doesn't want anything to do with them. Alaskans want them to leave--not many states left for the Palins to hide in. Maybe the residents of Arizona will let Bristol practice her shooting on the wild hogs there.


Looks like CarrieAnn is going to be the cry baby's next target. How dare a judge tell the Diva what the rules are. Bristol is such a know-it-all that she refuses to listen to logic. We have seen her go crazy against Obama, Letterman, Levi, Mercedes, and now it is CarrieAnn's turn. No wonder everyone in the competition were laughing at Bristol's performance. Mama is paying big bucks to get her loser daughter all this attention.


Boy! Bristol sure must like the attention if she was willing to cheat and tarnish her reputation for $10,000 per week. She has already pimped out her son just to get herself attention. I cannot imagine a mother who would exploit their own child and rob them of their childhood just so she could make some money. Kind of like a prostitute--Bristol has no marketable skills except selling herself as a sexual object.


How did Bristol arrange it so that the only phone lines working for the western states registered votes for her? And the boards were lit up with everyone notifying ABC that this was happening and that it wasn't fair--and still ABC let it happen. Not sure whether the Palins and ABC both wanted this to happen on purpose, but that is how Princess Pouting Palin got her votes. Everyone was very surprised that this no talent cow could be safe and the dancers who did much better are being eliminated. Pam Anderson sure called this right! And the other dancers and judges are all starting to complain about why this lousy dancer is still there. Kind of shows you their family values--and Bristol criticizing the judges and even Julianne Moore shows that she is just trailer trash.


The rules are explained regarding salary on Dancing with the Stars: $125,000 for dancing on week one and week two; $10,000 each week for weeks 3 and 4; $20,000 each for weeks 5 and 6; $30,000 each week for weeks 7 and 8; and $50,000 each week for weeks 9 and 10. Then it says that there is a cut in pay for practicing less than six hours daily at the beginning; and then later there is a cut if they do not practice eight or more hours each day. Bristol says in this interview that she is practicing three or four hours a day--and Mark says he is bored doing nothing but watching TV in Arizona -- does this mean that they are taking a cut in pay?


PBS and (I believe) ESPN both put on ballroom dance contests in the past ... all professional dancers. WHAT A YAWN! Expert dancing is NOT what makes this show ... it's the personalities. (The judges need to take a hint here ... without personality ... this show would be a dud too) You go Bristol! BTW ... great shooting!


If Bristol Palin is ever on again I will no longer watch because she is always bad but those fans of her mother always vote for her at the expense of other better dancers!!!

@ Janet Munson

She is a whiner and a nobody, she is not a star, she is white trash that got herself pregnant and thinks the world should stop for her. Her and her family are media whores, she should have never been on the show to begin with. She sucks, stop voting for her you morons and get rid of her.


Why didn't Palin get voted off she really is a horrible dancer in fact she shouldn't even have been asked back. Tired of her. Wrong person sent home last nite. Horrible and really not impressed. Get rid of her and her smug ways. Reminds me of the one olympic dancer they had on. Good bye

@ pat

I agree, Bristol does NOT know how to dance. She is boring and has a negative attitude. I think its unfair to the stars who are more energetic that her.