Today Show Producer Takes Blame for Ann Curry Firing

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Don't blame Matt Lauer. That's the message Jim Bell tried to send yesterday in an interview centered on the troubles at Today.

Today Show Team

With ratings still in decline and with the Ann Curry firing debacle still hanging over the program, the executive producer attempted to shift blame away from his star.

“It was definitely not Matt’s call,” Bell said, responding to rumors that Lauer is to blame for Curry's dismissal. “[Matt] is the host and does not have management responsibility. It was not his call. That was my call.

But Bell's sincerity is now being called into question.

Insiders tell The New York Post that Lauer was "sick of being the punching bag" for Today and forced Bell to take responsibility for Curry.

“Matt feels that Jim didn’t take accountability for all the ratings drama at Today. [Jim] was away at the Olympics, getting all the glory,” a source told the newspaper. “So Lauer forced Jim to stand in the firing line."

Where does the truth lie? We may never know.

But we can hear the glasses toasting at Good Morning America right at this very moment.


I have been watching the Today Show since the Jane Pauley days. I have lived through a series of co-hosts post Katie who grew on me. Ann Curry's interviews gradually grew from annoying to downright ridiculous and i was relieved when she left the show. I tune in for MATT every day; I like Savannah and Natalie but would be switching to cbs if Matt were to leave the show.


I hate Savannah Guthrie. She is one ditzy, stupid disgrace to the legal profession. In one cooking segment, she broke a serving glass goblet because she repeatedly knocked a spoon on the side of the glass. Of course the glass will break, stooopid! I am not watching Today as long as ditzy Savannah is on the show. Fire her!


I think Savannah is the one that should get the ax. She is a ditsy woman and is always getting things mixed up. You would not know she had a law degree. Matt is the same, and I do miss Ann. She had a very sensitive side to her and when she interviewed a child or family that had been thru something like an accident, she was very genuine. Savannah is like a robot and asks the most stupid questions and doesnt even act interested. It seems like just a job to her. It didnt seem that way with Ann. NBC screwed up. Dont blame Matt.


I will start watching GMA. I have been watching Today show for lack of anything better to watch but MAN, I MISS ANN CURRY!!!! I HATE SAVANNAH GUTHRIE AND I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE MATT LAUER! Matt Lauer is SO dry and he looks EVEN DRIER next to Savannah Guthrie who has to be all of 10 years old. I'm over it. I hope ratings drop for the Today show because you all deserve it! You made a HORRIBLE mistake when you fired Ann Curry. She was warm and intelligent and just awesome. Someone women could really look up to. I don't like the chemistry between Matt and Savannah. They look like teacher and student vs. respected peers in their field. Severely Disappointed Viewer


I really miss the calm I felt watching the Today Show. I miss Ann Curry - she brought integrity to the show. I can't look at Matt Lauer anymore after what I witnessed on the show. Fire Lauer, rehire Ann Curry and apologize publicly for making a terrible mistake and I will watch again. Also please don't do stupid things like ignore the moments of silence on 9/11 in favor of the Kardashians. We aren't shallow idiots- know your audience!


Ann was the reason i've used to watch TS, so since she went out GMA got my full attention. Sorry Matt but you are lame and you dont talk to my heart.


Sorry to say after 25 years of today I now start my day with GMA Maby ann will join GMA today doesn't deserve her talents.


I still like Matt Lauer but would watch the today show again if Anne Curry was back. Guthrie needs to grow up and stop her giggling she's like a giddy teenager.


Ann Curry what a wonderful, professional and a class act to boot! I felt like they treated her like some dog off the streets! Matt if the ratings are falling off because of you then your head should roll!


Jim Bell is very stupidly acting like Matt Lauer's BITCH!!!!! Jim has NO BACKBONE whatsoever when it comes to Matt. Morons.