Report: Matt Lauer Solely Responsible for Ann Curry Today Show Firing

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Savvy viewers noted it: Ann Curry did not look Matt Lauer in the eye during his farewell speech to her on Curry's final day as The Today Show co-host. She also barely acknowledged his hug.

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    I loved Ann Curry. What games people play. Matt should be canned. I will never watch the show again!


    Ann curry,she is my all time favorite tv personality,No doubt she is the perfect example of one that is in touch with her audience.She reaches the depth of ones the emotional core in that she comes across as genuine in the feelings one get from seeing and hearing her delivery.I am proud to say she surpasses Matt Lauer in every catergory.He comes across as agronant and and only skin deep in how he protrays the issues. I feel that he is unreal and could use some training in human compashion.I refuse to what his brocast . I trust that Ann will find her place with another network that can appreciate the person that she is and what she embodies as a wonderful person .Your network has let the wrong person go!!!!


    TODAY SHOW "bosses"...take a good look at the root cause of the various co-host problems on the morning show. The root cause is Matt Lauer, he should be removed as soon as possible before you lose more views and your ratings start to fall to a dangerous level. Mr. "wonderful", a first class "better than thou" and a first class "know it all" puts forth these disasterous attitudes which are very evident to the viewers. Bring back Ann Curry, she was the best you had!!!


    Ann Curry, was the reason that I watched the Today show. She, presented herself in such a professional, well spoken manner. She seemed to present the news in a neutral manner with balance not bias. I have not watched the show one time since her departure.


    I stopped watching Today. Ann Curry was genuinely a lady, noble, kind and as I see something the Today show does not want to promote. It was disgusting enough when the network insisted on using Couric's legs for bait when interviewing. Now the Today with the exception of Al displays plastic people just like most of the reality shows(bobble heads). So sad what America is choosing to watch. Also how awful to call foreign correspondent a demotion when they are doing the real work of reporting and often times are in danger; probably censored. What a mess NBC is! Disrespect for 9/11. . .


    I have watched Today since the days of Dave Garroway and never considered watching any other morning show. I loved Katie Couric and Meredith was fine, but I felt badly for Ann when she was passed over. She was gracious, warm and welcoming to Meredith. She was treated horribly by NBC and Matt Lauer. The day that Ann gave her gut-wrenching farewell, we switched to GMA and will never look back. The GMA team are bubbly and obviously care for one another. It is a joy to watch them. When Today does their next segment on bullying, they should target the balding, leacherous Mr. Lauer. God bless Ann Cury.


    There is a special place in hell for matt lauer, in due time his time will come just as certain as his hair has fallen out. Ann Curry is a class act and she will see herself vindicated.


    Well if NBC need a reason now to replace the new Savanah Guthrie they got one this AM. When NBC went to a special report about the shooting in NYC, Savanah looked like a deer caught in the headlights and sounded even worse. There is no time to be cute and try to look professional when there is a breaking story like today. The seasoned Ann Curry would of and could of handled this all by herself. Man Ann is what we need and its all ready time to send Savanah back to the bush leagues so she can grow up and be a big girl doing a big girls job. Her personality just don't cut it. Period


    What were they thinking by letting Ann Curry go? She, not Matt Lauer, is the class act. Among the likes of Diane Sawyer, Leslie Stalh, and Barbara Walters. If anyone needs to go, it's Matt. He is a fake who doesn't mind "stabbing his co-workers in the back" while smiling and giving them a hug.
    I plan to switch to GMA because of your mess up !

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