Ann Curry Firing to Cost The Today Show Millions

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If/when Ann Curry gets fired from Today, it will cost NBC a pretty penny.

Actually, many pretty pennies. More pretty pennies than a celebrity gossip website knows how to count.

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Network insiders tell TMZ that Curry is definitely a goner next week, and that the ousting will cost NBC close to $30 million because the co-host signed a long-term contract in 2011 that guarantees her $10 million/year.

That number ought to soften the blow, huh?

Curry is also rumored to become a foreign correspondent for NBC News, a capacity that will involve... who cares?!? $30 million?!? YEESH!

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was saddened when Ann was let go now I see she was fired I hope it will cost the today show lots of MILLIONS of DOLLARS. i HEAR THAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET Anderson Copper to take Matts place if you can't find some body better I will go to ABC I have watched the today show for years. I just read Toni's commit and I agree 100% with her I have lost all respect of the TODAY SHOW


what you did to Ann Curry is awful! Where is Matt? You hardly see him anymore are you going to fire him to? I don't like Willy! Someone is making a mess of this show that I used to love. I say get new bosses, before you wreck the whole thing!


I was flabergasted this morning when Jenna Wolfe stated that she was pregant and further stated that she and her "girlfriend" were expecting. This was a disgrace to those of us who like watching Today Show. I truly cannot watch it with the same frame of mind as before. I always like Jenna, but this just goes to show that you cannot judge a book by it's cover. No two women or two men can produce a baby. She should be ashamed to admit this on national TV. Goodbye Today show for me and my family.


Sorry but I never watch the show because of Matt Lauer, he's terrible. Today Show did a good thing getting rid of Katie Couric but they really need to do a better thing and get rid if Matt. All the other people, Ann, Al or Savannah don't help either, its just a poor show

Ann sweat

i didnt care for ann curry

Ann sweat

i didnot care ann curry as a cohost at all!it just did NOT work for me,ilove the today show,andmattand the others


The firing of Ann Curry and not seeing much of Matt Lauer on the Today Show gives us a feeling your company is hiring people cheaper and that is the quality of this show. We love Matt and Ann. Suck it up.


I miss Ann! What was NBC thinking? Savannah is fine in the limited role of legal expert but full time she comes across as immature and really annoying!


Comments re: Ms. Curry - greying hair, wardrobe. Meh! Did NBC forget that the entire population is greying and not particularly interested in the style choices of the 20+ group? She's warm, genuine. That was her downfall. Savannah? Plastic. No longer watch Today but search for anything Ms. Curry reports.


I feel Ann and Savannah are equally smart, Savannah doesn't bring anymore to the table then Ann did. what was the point. I,'also glad she,s getting the money! aLso changing up the Saturday show, by getting the stiff Erica hill in there! And pushing Jenna to the side ! That was the wrong call. Jenna adds a very light side and fun ,in my opinion Erica was not the right move. Really not watching the weekend show anymore, just not liking Erica.

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