The Voice vs. The X Factor: Which Show is Better?

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The Voice vs. The X Factor. Christina vs. Britney.

TV's infatuation with singing competition shows reached its pinnacle last night, with NBC's Voice airing its third episode of the week in what was widely interpreted as a deliberate maneuver to blunt X Factor's season premiere on Fox. To a point, it worked.

Both programs averaged similar ratings (3.3) in the key 18-49 demographic, but The Voice outdrew The X Factor overall, 10.7 million viewers to 7.5 million.

Britney vs. Xtina

The Voice did lose 17 percent of its audience from its Tuesday show and even more from its Season 3 premiere Monday night, while X Factor is back on tonight.

A few more auditions like Jillian Jensen or Jannel Garcia and Simon Cowell's much-hyped, revamped project could be back with a vengeance ... but stay tuned.

Ratings aside, there's certainly been some tension, even gamesmanship between the two shows, with Cowell calling out The Voice on more than one occasion.

Most importantly, which singing competition do you like better? Vote!


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the voice is 100000x better, 1. its judges have way more credibility, are way nicer, are way more helpful, and actually seem like they know what theyre talking about. the x factor is the opposite. x factor is so overproduced with overly dramatic back stories from its contestants, little talent, and annoying judges.


Just Saying-- I feel that if some of the contestants on The X Factor went on the The Voice, the judges would not push their buttons. X Factor has little talent this year... And I cannot stand Demi. However, I am excitedto see Keith on Idol.


The voice has a much better format and all four coaches are singers themselves so they are more credible as coaches


Who watches the Voice when it's on opposite DWTS?


I enjoy X-factor. Demi's amazing. Britney's been weird n quite annoyin. I don't fancy Simon's comments 2 some of the artistes dou, They r just ppl trying 2 live their dreams. It shldnt be all about d ratings. People's emotions r involved!!! And maybe in a way, that's y The Voice is better.


Britney is sooo boring, She has no personality at all. Demi at least is alive.
Forgive me, but britney is on the wrong show, she should be on the Walking Dead.


Brit looks burnt out and spaced out.Love adore Lavoto girl but i am idol fan.


i prefer the xfactor it is great to watch the contestants grow when they go to booth camp.The xfactor help the struggling people and even if they dont win they leave the show so much better .The voice just take people who can sing already they dont want the hard work,


100% THE VOICE xfactor is so mean even is a person doesn't know how to sing there is no need to criticize about how they look and stuff and CHRISTINA GOT MORE SWAGG and she is more preetier BIG UP THE VOICE i love the judges and everything they encourage people to do better not give up on their dreams AND THATS ONE OF THE REASONS THE VOICE IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER A BILLION ZILLION TIMES


The voice is better but celo can go. Factor can let go of Brit and LAReid.

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