Jillian Jensen Breaks Down, Impresses on The X Factor

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Darn you, The X Factor. You got us.

Sometimes, even when we're know we're being emotionally manipulated, we can't help but give in to the waterworks. Case in point from last night's season two premiere of The X Factor:

Jillian Jensen, a young woman whose history of being bullied gave her a clear connection to Demi Lovato. Watch Jensen give it her all during her initial audition and then break down in the arms of this new judge:

Other contestants that stood out from the premiere:

  • Reed Deming, a 13-year old with shaggy, Justin Bieber-like hair.
  • Paige Thomas, a favorite of L.A. Reid's.
  • Jennel Garcia, a young rocker who closed the show on a very positive note.

@gigi I know Jillian personally and that was not just a show. she was bullied and she has been through a lot. i am so proud of her for everything she has accomplished.


First of all i don't get all the hype about this girl Jillian, who was being bullied. She looks perfectly fine to me, unless she was sooooo different looking when she was bullied. Sorry, but i just don't get all the drama. I GUESS IT MAKES FOR GOOD TV>>>>>> Simon Cowell knows all the ins and outs on what it takes for good television. I'm NOT fooled by any of this b.s.


Jillian was awesome but Jenelle was my favorite. I thought all the judges were great and I loved seeing Britney shine again.