Teresa Giudice and Family to Be Spun Off by Bravo?

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Teresa Giudice may be the most hated woman on reality television.

But we all know what that means, right? SPIN OFF!

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With pretty much every cast member on The Real Housewives of New Jersey hating on Teresa at the moment - did you see what Jacqueline Laurita said about her costar?!? - Bravo is reportedly considering a separate show for Giudice and her family members.

Because, hey, controversy equals ratings.

"All the drama and crazy things that Teresa and Joe have done is what makes them perfect candidates for their own breakout show," a source tells Radar Online, adding:

"They're in talks right now and the show would include the whole Giudice side of the family, which would explain why we saw more of Joe's brother Pete and his wife Sheila in last Housewives season."

Of course, there is one possible obstacle: Joe could face years in prison on fraud charges.

Still, the network is "pushing forward" with the concept, this insider claims, and will simply adjust if Giudice heads to prison.

Would you watch a Teresa Giudice spinoff?


I cnt stand Teresa, she is a wack job with her looser husband. Bravo wake up!!!! loose teresa!!!! what has TV become lies and anger, what does this show our kids its okay so wonder the world is what it is with bullying and anger-we teach it on Bravo!!!!!!!


screw the show, i like watching what u guys say *kiss


I freaken hate Teresa she is soo fake and she was talking smack about Caroline and her face but she looks old her self. she needs to take her own advice.


I think Bravo would prefer Joe to go to jail. Would love to see him in orange jumpsuit when T visits.... And I would watch!


HELL NO!!!! We don't need that hot mess!!!!




I think that a Teresa Giudice spin-off is a really stupid and whack-ass idea. All she does is go off on people 24/7 (especially members of her own family). And that controversy equals ratings remark is a load of stupid-ass crap. Teresa is an ugly-looking TRANNY. She hung around on The Celebrity Apprentice for way too long. Teresa Giudice=BIPOLAR BITCH!!!!!


What will the show be like with out her. We may love to hate her but she is the show. All the other lady's talk about her and her family, the show mat have started about jax and get fam but hello we watch the tre show. It would be another Miami show with out tre.

@ yora

Teresa made the show interesting with out her, the show would be boring,Adding her family to the show was a big mistake on bravo part,They made show full of drama,Big Mistake!


That's what we do to bad behavior, give them their own show. BTW, the new layout here sucks. I don't even like coming to the site anymore.


How pathetic,is Andy drinking?! No Thanks!!!!!

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