Joe Giudice Indicted on Fraud Charges, Remains a Moron

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Stop us if you've heard this before: Joe Giudice is in major trouble with the law.

The husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Teresa Giudice was indicted today on one charge of wrongfully using identifying information of another and one charge of impersonation.

Teresa Giudice, Husband

The crimes allegedly took place when Joe used his brother's marriage license and birth certificate to obtain a driver’s license in June 2010. Combined, these counts could land Joe in jail for over 10 years.

Teresa's 40-year old squeeze has also been arrested for DUI and accused of hiding assets from the court after filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2009. At one time, his cumulative debt totaled $11 million.

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I like the show, don't like Theresa. Miriam from Bayamon PR


which one's Joe ???


Finally I am so tired of him and Teresa looks like you days are numbered I have a feeling Carolyn Manzo is going to make Bravo make a choice between Teresa and her and we all know who will win that one...... sorry T


Errr.....on the charge of that him in the blue drag???


Omg. Really? This can't be true it's so bad. Did his brother in law know? How did he obtain the documents? Strange and fishy.


Really... surprised? That whole New Jersey Real Housewives cast defines TACKY. It's really questionable how any of them got their money besides the "Brownstone" people who inherited it. They all seem so dumb with their dreadfully bad grammar, "fashions", fighting etc. Even their brownstone parties are tasteless affairs. I stopped watching because I was embarassed for myself. Try doing the same, you'll feel better about yourself.


Joe is a criminal because he decided to be one.
Theresa is dumb as jello-but that was not a choise. That's why he picked her!
Her house of cards is crumbling around her and my best guess is that she has NO idea why.
However, her assertion that "everyone" wants to be her or like her and everyone who has been successful in her wake is because of her and/or Joe...well, she might want to rethink that.




The Giudices built the tackiest big house I have ever seen. It has trailer park style written all over it.


She's so stupid, she doesn't even realize just how stupid she is. White trash, her and her husband. Everybody else on the show has class. Why is she even on there? I know, they have to have at least one classless idiot for the drama factor.