Ryan Gosling to Star in Fifty Shades of Grey?

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Is Ryan Gosling set to play the lead role of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey?

Not exactly. Or at all. But the rumor mill has run wild with this one. Why?

Ryan Gosling Movie Premiere Pic

According to reports, author E. L. James' husband Niall Leonard thinks Gosling would be perfect and he is now the frontrunner for the role. Only those reports aren't accurate.

"As usual, it's all been misreported," she said. "What happened is that his local paper ... reported on my husband being the inspiration for Christian Grey."

"Underneath, they put a picture of Ryan Gosling. So, that's how that came about."

James, meanwhile, says she has 3-4 actors in mind for the steamy role, but declines to name any names. Maybe she should check out this fan made Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

The roles of Christian and Ana are "a long way" from being cast in the wildly anticipated film adaptation, although Carla Gugino did score a small but key role in the movie.

At the end of the day, James told Ryan Seacrest that the whole experience of writing the popular books has been wild. "I wasn't prepared for all this [attention]," she says.

"This whole roller coaster ride has been completely mind-blowing."

Would Gosling be mind-blowing as Christian? Vote below!


Im sorry but when i read the series and how christian was described i pictured eric dane but hotter body lol
I think he would be perfect

@ svnnh

Eric good choice but to old.


Why in the world would anyone want to make a movie based on the Shades series? Just go to PornHub.


Ian Somerhalder is still and will always be everyones FAV he just has that sultry look even when he has a serious face you still get all flustered inside!!!

@ Brittany

Ian is not tall enough, hair to dark and has a bad boy look not a dark look.


I think we need unknown actors to be star in the movie, so we could just focus on them playin their role instead of comparing their acting in another movie they were in.


NOOOOO! That guy is NOT hot enough and he doesnt look strong enough! Wentworth Miller HAS to be Christian Grey!!!!!


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I love these comments from women that are in denial that women want a dominant man. I have known this 50 shades of grey secret for a while. All my sexual relationships go this way. If I tell the women up front that I am dominant, that I will spank them, tie them up, and even slap them, they all say "No, I don't want that at all". But they all do and the more professional, the more independent, the more educated the more susceptible they are to it. And you can see their interest perk up when I tell them I am like this. And this is the dirty little secret that feminists have to fight, have to shame, have to deny. But they all secretly want it. Look how they click to read this page because it's about 50 shades of Grey. Sorry, but your little secret is out now. See, I don't do it because I like it, I do it because they like it. If they didn't like it and they wanted the touchy feely sweetie new age lover then I would give them that, but they want this, 50 shades of grey.


he uses VASALINE.
not for his face...........................HIS ANUS, folks!!


Not by a longshot. A lot of us want Ian Somerhalder. More smouldering sexuality

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