Maria Shriver: FURIOUS With Arnold Schwarzenegger, 60 Minutes

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's new book and 60 Minutes' piece on him are not sitting well with his estranged wife Maria Shriver, with a source close to her calling it a huge "blow j-- for Arnold."

Maria's main beef, besides the whole Mildred Patricia Baena love child thing? That 60 Minutes never contacted her for comment on Arnold's new memoir Total Recall.

According to TMZ, producers called friends of Maria last Monday, after Schwarzenegger's 60 Minutes interview was shot, to see if she had a general comment about it.

The producer wouldn't give specifics about what The Expendables 2 actor said in the interview, however, or the book - which she hasn't even seen a copy of.

The piece was already done, and Maria Shriver had "no interest" in commenting.

A Maria source says, "The piece is a blow j-- for Arnold. Lesley Stahl just fawned over him ... She knows the book is a big PR stunt to get back in the public's good graces."

As for whether Maria will read the book ... don't bet on it.

"What Maria has already been through ... nothing surprises her anymore," the source says.

Arnold and Maria separated last year following revelations that he knocked up housekeeper Baena more than a decade ago. They have four children together.

Shriver and Schwarzengger remain married ... technically.

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