Carla Gugino Cast as "Mrs. Robinson" in Fifty Shades of Grey

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The question of who will play Christian and Ana remains unanswered, but one small but important role in the wildly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie has been filled.

Carla Gugino of Watchmen fame will play Elena Lincoln, a character referred to as “Mrs. Robinson” by Anastasia Steele in the book and a family friend of Christian Grey’s mother.

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The studio behind the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is taking its casting seriously, most importantly Ana and Christian. Author EL James says she has three actors and four actresses in mind.

Who do you think should play the two leads? Vote below:

Who should play Christian?


Who should play Ana?


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Well for me there is only one Christian Grey and thats Matt Bomer. He is perfect in every way. As for Alex I would have Alexis or I would quite like Lyndsy Fonseca or Emmy Rossum. Kim Cattrall would have been good as Elena


After watching the movie trailer made with Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel, I have to say they are perfect in both lead roles. The trailer alone looks like it could be from a real Fifty Shades of Grey Movie. Hope they start working on the movie soon!


I saw where the producers and Ms. James have said that it's too early for casting. They supposedly don't even have a director yet. Or are they just playing games with the fans? Hmmm


Carla Gugino is beautiful but too young for the role of Mrs Robinson!


How is she too young for the role of Mrs. Robinson? Not trying to be rude, but Carla is 41 and the 2nd book describes Mrs. Robinson as being in her late 30s early 40s. So many people seem to think Mrs. Robinson is really old...

@ Tiffany

yes and for the Elena role there needs to be someone more predator sexy looking with a little viciousness look inside them


No not Ian? :( each to their own i gues. . . I think his eyes are to big and puppyish not powerful enough in the eyes for me! Has the same look in every photo ive seen of him. . .


IAN SOMERHALDER is perfect for the role!!


I'd like to see either Yasmin Paige ('Submarine') or Aisling Loftus ('Death Of A Superhero') considered for the role of Anastasia.


What about Viginia Williams from faily legal tv show for Mrs Robinson


I am surprised that the people who wrote this would call Elena Robinson a "small role". It's actually more than important, it's vital. Christian wouldn't be Christian without her.


Alex Pettyfer + Alexis Bledel, all the way! wooohooo! XD

@ Penny Lane

I agree alex pettyfer or matt bomer

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