Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Should He Take Her Back!?

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Reports began swirling Monday that took the Interwebs by storm. Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together or on the verge of reconciliation?

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    Let me make my point summit mr pattinson and miss Stewart and last but not least the dirty old man Rupert he should be banned from film industry but there is no honor when there is films to promout and money to be made all of you have scammed all your fans I will never see another movie that you people are in . Or a producer that would try to make a name for himself. You are all hidding know Waite till after you finish promotting breaking dawn 2 then both main stars can go three separate way because they have to do this their is millions at stake you want to prove us wrong marry each other and prove all the fans wrong


    I think the whole thing was a ruse to increase publicity for the new Twilight movie and the next Snow White movie. The Twihard fans are getting older and this may have been a device to drum up interest in the final installment. Bet their lovenest house goes off the market and they move back in together.


    Oh... let them decide by themselve if they love for each other, i think they should be back together... remember there a saying that Love is sweeter the second time around... and do not judge Kristen... she admitted her mistake and feel sorry what she did... nobody is perfect... if God can forgive us for our mistake in life... so everyone else...


    She didn't have sex when she cheated. Let them decide what is best for them. We don't know the details. If my bf broke up with me for having coffee with an ex we wouldn't be in love 3 years later and we wouldn't have bought a kitten together and named him Felix.


    He should take her back if he truely loves her, but not before they examine what made her want to cheat in the first place. In one interveiw she said she wanted someone to f... her over as everything comes easy to her. It would seem she did it to herself if she truely loves Rob but would cheat with another man. I do hope they can work this out, they always appeared so happy together.


    Yes They are perfect couple.ROB take her back.I will Always love Robsten.


    It is too soon, maybe take abrake away from the media circus, & away from each other, to sort out his feelings. What he can live with, like the trust issue, because with out it you are well & truly screwed. Also wondering who they with &where they are, if they are late then the rows begin. Love makes the world go round, but lack of trust kills it!


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    it is great to hear that they are back together and forgiveness is all that GOD want every one to give.remember that you are role models of many is what matters and forgiveness is required.kristen will never do it again


    there r millions of girls in d world who won't cheat...throw stewart in d dustbin

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