Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Back Together?!?

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Robert Pattinsin has forgiven Kristen Stewart for what he deems a "stupid mistake" and the beloved couple is now back together.

According to a report in Great Britain's The Sun.

“They pretty much decided they couldn’t live without each other," a Robsten insider tells the tabloid. “Kristen poured her heart out to Robert and told him it was a one-off and a mistake.”

Silly Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart in Toronto

There are no named sources listed in the article, nor any evidence to indicate this reconciliation has actually occurred. But Stewart did tell reporters in Toronto last week that she and Pattinson were "going to be fine."

Why would Robert take Kristen back, considering her admitted actions with Rupert Sanders?

“Rob sees it as Kristen made a really stupid mistake. After a lot of long tearful talks, they’ve worked it out," explains this source. “Rob can see how truly sorry Kristen is and has totally forgiven her. They really do love each other.”

The pair has supposedly even moved back into together, holing up and "focusing on themselves" at a home in the same Los Angeles compound where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a residence.

If this report is accurate, as you happy to see the return of Robsten? Do you think Pattinson is making a mistake? Or do you believe the entire affair was a contrived conspiracy and Stewart has nothing to actually apologize for?


Robert was brave to take her back and I hope that she doesn't do it to him again i was mad when i found out that she had cheated on him.


I really think the whole thing was for publicity but Im still happy they are back together


i love robert but they are PERFECT for each other!!!! tean edward or jacob (edward for me)

Ashley leonard

i believe they belong together

@ Ashley Leonard

me too


I personally think the whole thing was a publicity stunt for the final Twilight movie and the next Snow White movie. I thought he was cute when he made the talk show circuit recently and liked him in Water For Elephants. I don't follow the vampire series. I think she is homely and can't act. I saw Snow White and think she acted just as dead before she ate the apple as afterwards. Bet they take the lovenest off the market and move back in. Whatev...


oh iam happy love youll both


I honestly do not see this relationship lasting. Even if this whole cheating scandal never happened, Kristen is just the most immature, rude and insecure person out there. How can people say she's this "great" actress! Really?? I think Rob is more grounded, where Kristen is more adventurous. Maybe it doesn't make a difference when you're young, but Kristen has proven that she needs/wants to find exciting "momentary indiscretions" outside of her relationships. Didn't she dump her first boyfriend to be with Rob? I think she likes to be challenged and needs change in her life and relationships. Rob will only get hurt again. I just don't see the attraction. I think people are comparing them too much to their Twilight characters.

@ Fiddle Dee Dee

i compare them as their real people not characters and by research they have chemistry in each other and that it was indeed a seduced mistake relationship with Rupert. Rupert is the one responsible, he technically seduced her which made her unthinkably start the relationship which has now ended and now we can get back to the lives we have now... -A


I think its great. I know a couple who was married for 25 years then they went out on each other..but then they were sorry and decided they wouldn't throw those 25 years away. now they've been married 37 years and love each other like crazy. this couple was very young when they got married 16 years old both of them.. and Kristen & Rob are young also. If there wasn't love there between both of them they wouldn't try to get back together.. Be happy for them!!


I hope that things are cleared up between these two for real because
there has been no positive proof that they are together. Just what was is,
R went out playing guitar and no sign of his "reconciled" girlfriend K.
Unnamed source, isn't that how rumors start? I'm not quite
convinced, yet.


This is great! But most of the people you need to know love affairs is secretly for me i see the couple did the right decission to restore their affectionate " you can not have love when you have not given it to some body"

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