John Travolta Sex Tape Request: Denied By Gay Lover?

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The news about John Travolta just keeps coming. Well, by news we predominantly mean largely unfounded rumors and celeb gossip. But it's in the news just the same.

The latest salacious Travolta gossip: Doug Gotterba, his alleged gay lover of yesteryear, believes the star used his celebrity status to manipulate him often.

That includes pressuring him to make a sex tape.

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Doug Gotterba alleges he had a passionate six-year relationship with Travolta while he was his pilot, and claims the star wanted to film them ... you know.

“It came up, but I said no,” Gotterba claims. “He wanted to film it, and I said no ... [the topic came up] when we were watching porn in his bedroom.”

He says that he met Travolta in February 1981 and they soon became lovers, but that he always felt like the actor was in control of the relationship.

“If he didn’t get his way, I knew about it. Whenever he got his way, I was treated like royalty,” he said. “He used his celebrity and manipulation to get his way.”

At least he was a gentle, passionate and sexual creature.


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Travolta is a lying creep and master manipulator.


So what who cares in Hollywood one must be bi to find wirk


This is way too funny.