Joey Buttafuoco to Pen Tell-All Book

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Joey Buttafuoco is writing a tell-all book about the Amy Fisher saga. Seriously.

Buttafuoco believes it's "clean the slate" and move on with his life ... by dredging up the infamous crime 20 years later? Anyway, it's gonna be called Closure.

"Everyone thinks they know [the story] but they really don't," says Joey.

Joey Buttafuoco Pic

Joey says the book his ex-wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco - who Amy Fisher shot in the face after Joey's affair with her in 1992 - wrote back in 2009 is not true.

It's an "angry account of an ex-wife who pieced together her own vision of why things happened. [She] had no knowledge of my life away from home."

Buttafuoco tells TMZ that "It's finally time for all of us to move on. My book is closure for everyone and our respected families. It's time."

Sure it is man.


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Sociopath is a polite word for Mary Jo to use to describe a habitual cheat and a GREAT LIAR. To think she almost died because of his illicit behavior and he wants to sue her. Is he going to sue his son next for calling him a Sociopath? Mary should have called him in the book what he deserves to be called and she was too much a lady to do that. Do you not have no shame Joey? By the way, after being shot Mary Jo is aging better than you and she looks pretty these days since she opened her eyes and seen you for what you really are. Joey feels no shame and no remorse, if he did he wouldn't even think about taking Mary to court and that is a true Sociopath's behavior. Joey's actions speak loud and clear.


Old news, old man, middle aged tramp. 3 tv movies already, shot, aired, and forgotten. I guess Joey can't go back to fixing cars. Maybe it's arthritis. Has he ever been on, "Dancing with the Stars," or the show about rehab?


It's about time Joey !!! Your drunk, coked out ex wrote a comic book....bad to the bone and homely that one is.