Mary Jo Buttafuoco: Joey is a Good Sociopath

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Making the media rounds to promote her new book, Getting it Through My Thick Skull, Mary Jo Buttafuoco calls her ex-husband, Joey Buttafuoco, a sociopath.

Speaking on Good Morning America today, Mary Jo discussed her relationship with Joey, and answered the question: “Why did you stay with Joey for so long?”

"Because I believed him when he said he had nothing to do with her," she stated, referencing Joey's lover Amy Fisher, who shot Mary Jo in the face in 1992.

"He was a very good sociopath and liar. When I looked it up on the Internet, and looked at sociopathic tendencies, I said 'Oh My God.' Joey fit all the criteria."

Mary Jo Buttafuoco's new book has drawn attention to the term sociopath, the definition of which is a person with antisocial personality disorder, who is unable to confirm to societal norms and exhibits disregard for the rights of others.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco is really, really trying to drive her point home, though. It's like she's trying to make it so Joey Buttafuoco comes up when you Google "sociopath."

Joey Buttafuoco released a statement in defense of being called a sociopath, stating that he would prefer to be diagnosed as a sociopath by a doctor, rather than simply termed it by ex-wife, and feels "victimized" by the accusation.

Aww, poor Joey. One could argue that Mary Jo was victimized by being shot in the face by Amy Fisher, but that's neither here nor there at this point.

Mary Jo Buttafuoco said that her son stated to her, “Dad is a sociopath, and he’s never going to change.” She calls this realization a "revelation."

Asked why she stayed with Joey 11 years after the incident until divorcing him in 2003, she said "It's never one easy thing. Life is not like that."

True. Why let a single bullet lodged in your thick skull dictate things.


Im in 20 yrs now, you can blame & diagnose this person til death, but the only thing you can change is your part in it. These ppl cannot see what you see simply because they believe there is nothing wrong with them, thats what narcissism is ! My special person is a prison guard & his co-workers have given him the nickname buttafuoco, this was bitter sweet for me, bitter in the sense that it was a realization that this was infact what i was in for, & sweet in the sense that other ppl saw this in him, so maybe im not crazy !!!


Joey Buttafuoco is a sick and perverted man to sleep with a teenage girl.


To the person above (Excuse me?). One can become an authority very easily if you google enough. You'll find more information on the internet than any expert has time to give you. I was once told that my son was bi-polar but didn't fully understand the disease until I googled it. You asked, "What credentials does Mary Jo have to make this accusation?" She lived with the man for years. Who would know him better than her? Well, maybe their son. And we all know that he "DID NOT SHOOT HIS WIFE." Does that make him any less a sociopath? To Mary Jo- You go girl! I wish you the best!


Hysterical! Yes, she is a sociopath, and a liar, and a theif, and a professional victim, and a manipulator, and a stalker, insecure, and whinny, and a user, and a Joey ball-hanger-on-er! There, I said it !


Umm... Am I expected to buy a book written by a woman who googled a term and is all of a sudden an authority? Give me a break! Have all of you lost your minds? What credentials does Mary Jo have to make this accusation? Also, I'm a woman and I'm not defending Joey. But let's face the facts, he DID NOT SHOOT HIS WIFE. He is guilty of having an affair and 6 months later a crazed teen shot his then wife. Please people, don't confuse the true facts. I think Mary Jo is a sociopath. How about them apples?


I have read what Maryjo has written and I totally believe that Cocaine musta been involved.


Don't laugh at her. I was with a man just like him, with even less intelligence. It took me awhile to figure out he was a sociopath, and all that drove him, was what he could gain for himself. It is a sickness. Lies, lies, lies, go look it up, your guy might be one too! Not funny.

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