Will Ferrell Bawls over Robsten Breakup, Lashes Out at Kristen Stewart: Trampire!

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Move over, totally insane Twilight Saga fan. We've found someone even more inconsolable over Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart splitting than you are.

Will Ferrell.

The actor appeared on Conan last night and it was clear from the outset that something was bothering him. Opening up and fighting back tears, the star eventually said he just couldn't get over Stewart's actions with Rupert Sanders.

"They've broken up, and they're not gonna get back together ever," Ferrell cried of Robsten. "And what they had was so special, Conan! You don't even know what they had! They were in love! And she just threw it all away!"

The routine (below) culminated in quite the assessment by Ferrell, as he lashed out at K. Stew: "She is a trampire!"

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i agree wid d others who say tat kristen is feeling guilty ovr wat she had done.so rob plz solve ur misundrstndins and make her ur fiance as soon as u cn. and kristen, u hv 2 b mre creful abt such issues.


Its so shocking and disgusting!cheating someone so cleanly.she was kissing and sleeping with that man and now pretending as if she were a baby,lured by that bloody man


I didnt expect this of kristen.tooo bad of her.i love rob n i hate u cheater kristen!


don't be hanging over ur relationship. quarrel is natural. sit together n try to solve ur missunderstood things.


Enough with blaming Kristen for what happened. If Robsten had such a great marriage he wouldn't have been whoring around. This is just another example of the Hollywood "casting couch" that young women have suffered with for decades. Its time the blame was placed where it belongs--on Robsten!


How can ne 1 say its sexual harrassment or a forced affair? She has no problem avoiding pics of her & Rob doing what her & ruppart were shown doing....someone who is Herassed in neway doesnt grin & smile while bn harrassed ..if it was ON THE JOB harrassment then it wuldve been just that...but she drove off the clock to do what she did....she fucked up point blank period....she deserves no excuse but that she cheated n she did it willingly...shes an adult..she knows right from wrong n she was just that WRONG!!!!


I agree! Rupert is her boss!! Usually when a 40 something boss hits on a 20 something employee it IS called sexual harassment. It's often confusing to the victim. I agree, Kristen is looking away and looks uncomfortable in most of those pics with Rupert. Where are all the clever "tramp" names for him?


Will does a PERFECT imitation of all those crazy, diluted Twi-hards out there! Brilliant!


I think it is hilarious that people are taking this so seriously. My friend Alex and his girlfriend recently broke up too. What? You don't care because you don't know them? Figure it out people and get a life.


...Kristen may have initially been flattered, feels guilty for not telling Rob sooner, and feels naive for how this all played out. Kristen is guilty for not telling Rob then, and Rob is guilty for not going to Kristen now. Rob if you don't wake up soon, you are going to lose the love of your life over public kissing. Make Kristen your fiancé and take as much time as you need to rebuild the trust for not being told sooner. Kristen has definitely learned--and she never stopped loving you.