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A major fan of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reacts here to the latter's infidelity. She's having a VERY hard time dealing with it.

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Just shut up fat lady ur crazy....ur stupid


3 words...huge forehead loser...


Kristins a bitch and she doesn't deserve Rptaz but I still want this couple to work out. Rpatz deserves to be happy. I hope he can forgive her, she really seems to love him despite the scandal. I think she's a real bitch for destroying so many peoples lives (rupert's kids and his wife, also Robert Patinson's) I wish this would have never happened. I also feel betrayed! bottom line: She doesn't deserve him. She's a homewrecker.
and a WHORE! Let robert do what he wills with her.


Amen to that


do what's best for both of them! :D
apparently my comment was too long. LOL :D


Its funny that she saying its not anyones business and we should't care but she is crying hahahaha and talking about how she can't get over it like she knows them personally. You leave them alone you crazy lady!

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