Rodney King Cause of Death: Drugs, Alcohol, State of Delirium

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The body of Rodney King was discovered at the bottom of a pool by his fiancee last month, with the cause of death listed as "accidental drowning."

That may technically still be the case, but the official death report has come out and it's undeniable now that the man whose 1991 beating sparked riots in Los Angeles stumbled to his demise at the result of numerous substances in his body.

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It's unclear if he jumped or fell into the water, according to the coroner, but King was "in a state of drug and alcohol induced delirium" at the time of his passing.

"The effects of the drugs and alcohol, combined with [King's preexisting heart condition] probably precipitated a cardiac arrhythmia and [King], thus incapacitated, was unable to save himself and drowned," reads the report, which adds that King was lying naked in the deep end of the pool by the time EMTs arrived.

Cynthia Kelly attempted to rescue her fiance with items such as a pitchfork, a hoe and a vacuum pool sweeper - all of which surrounded the area, the report confirms - because she considered herself a poor swimmer and was afraid of jumping in.


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I watched Rodney on celebrity rehab. He seemed like a man who was desperate to turn his life around. I feel very sad for his children. Those comments about blacks swimming abilities are shameful. They make you look stupid. Very stupid.


This story is so sad, my heart goes out to his family, i hope he is at peace. The man endured one of the most vicious beatings in the history of time, those racits pig cops will burn in hell! Karma is a bitch! They are an embarrassment to white people. Matt is an insecure pathetic waste of a human being. MissThang well said.
R.i.p. Rodney King :( this is so sad!


omg....who f'ing cares what color he is!!!! What if it was a white guy that drowned......i bet u wouldnt say...."oh...another white guy that couldnt swim".. Grow the F*ck up!!! a family is hurting over his some symphany or keep your negative comments to your self!! Smh

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A tragic end to a sad troubled life. I don't think
Rodney King ever reconciled with what happened back in 1991; he seemed to numb himself with drinking and probably illicit drugs. Poor man.....I hope he is finally at peace.


Dang, what a tragic life story.


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That's awful. At least a third addict to pass (who was on Celebrity Rehap).. just goes to show how much b.s this show it. More for drama, less for helping.

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