Rodney King Dead at 47

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Rodney King, whose beating by L.A. police in 1991 was caught on tape and sparked riots after the acquittal of the officers involved, was found dead Sunday.

He was found in his swimming pool, local authorities said.

King's fiancee, Cynthia Kelly, found his body. He was 47.

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Police in Rialto, Calif., received a 911 call from King's fiancee, Kelly, about 5:25 a.m., said Capt. Randy DeAnda. Responding officers discovered King at the bottom of the swimming pool, removed him and attempted to revive him.

King was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

There were no preliminary signs of foul play, DeAnda said, and no obvious injuries on Rodney's body. Reports say Kelly is telling friends that Rodney had been drinking a lot Saturday and had smoked marijuana hours before his death.

Police are conducting a full investigation.

"His fiancee heard him in the rear yard," he said, and found King, who lived a troubled life before and after the infamous attack, in the pool outside.

King's beating after a high-speed chase and its aftermath forever changed Los Angeles, its police department and the dialogue on race in America.

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only in america do we honor a thug like rodney king. if the black community has its way, we'll have a statue of him next to MLK in Washington DC! america was built on hard work and intelligence like einstein and steve jobs, yet in current america we now have to honor those black "leaders" like raodney king??? give me a freaking break!


May his soul rest in peace,amen too young to die


Its amazing to me that there are many negative comments about this poor man's life. Truth is he was pushed into the role as activist for profiling cops, he was never comfortable in that role. He never got over his injuries mentally & physically, if he was damaged before the beating, he was more so after. I to, saw Celebrity Rehab and I remember at the end of his treatment his house was pretty beat up, Dr Drew & his staff renovated his home so that he could hold AA meetings,so he was helped both by the lawsuit he had, and the help onthe show, not to mention numerous interviews that he got paid for. Yes he was a tortured man who never got over the ordeal, and never wanted tobe in the limelight. The anniversary was recently maybe that had something to do with his sadness and death,by bringing back memories. RIP


All these white motha Fu.kin police that beat mr king should get life imprisonment


Mr. King had some problems, but he was unarmed and already subdued. The police didn't have to beat him so brutally. Mr. King had his demons, but he wasn't one himself. A gentle giant walked among us and now he is gone. Can we all just get along? RIP Rodney, they can't hurt you anymore. Sincerely, A white person who believes that someday we all will get along.


@VidaEerna, please go back on your meds for schizophrenia. You're sick and need to see your psychiatrist.


Unfortunately we need more death blacks, in fact another black holocaust just the one before, and not only blacks but also those responsible of giving to them freedom the junk red race seed of stupid red jacob which did not confess his sins living the same life like : -arlnold swartznegro-, a stupid idiot as his colour can express redishorange.


May he finally be at peace-seems like he couldn't find peace while he was alive...sympathies to his fiancé & his family & friends.


Some people think they have ALL the answers. They know what should and shouldn't happen - They read other people's minds and know other people's motives, and they think EVERYONE should think like they do.


Rodney King is no longer suffering and that what really counts and to me what happened to him is beyond horrible and should have never ever happened. Because of that horrible beating his life was cut short there is no way no how that a body could take such a beating and that is fact. He is now in the hands of God and he is no longer suffering and that is what everyone should be saying because that is all that is important and that is a fact.

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