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First, he alleged that Matt Lauer threw Ann Curry under a bus.

Then, he randomly stared into the camera for 17 straight seconds (below).

So the question must be asked: what the heck is going on with Al Roker and The Today Show? Is the famous weatherman trying to sabotage his own program for the way it (mis)handled Curry’s firing?

Al Roker Staring Contest

Roker addressed yesterday’s strange staredown on this morning’s edition of the series, trying to laugh it off, claiming it was a "brain freeze" and adding that the director was "egging him on."

Then, after Savannah Guthrie made a crack about how her colleague would fit in well at a wax museum, Roker seemingly took ANOTHER job at The Today Show, mumbling:

"Well, we are in a wax museum… whole other deal…"

Watch the latest exchange below.

Al Roker Staring Contest