Kristen Stewart: Unshowered, Inconsolable, Heartbroken Over Robert Pattinson Split

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She may have the support of at least one friend, but Kristen Stewart is not taking her alleged split with Robert Pattinson very well.

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    Brava to Linda Y , you are right !
    After picking up the pieces, LOVE is all that matters.
    I hope that Kristen and Rob will find solacement. They are meant to be with each other. And that Sanders should be given the boot, the sooner the better ! A man with two small children and a beautiful wife, how could he ? He need to be castrated ! End of the story !


    that video is by The Key Of Awesome!!! its not even her!!! why is it on there??


    What the heck is wrong with people?

    Sitting here on an internet site saying "and people wonder why white women have the reputation that they do.The weak ones- any wind can blow them, they are beginning to be an embarrassment. no wonder young white guys are looking to the Asian persuasion. If I was 23, they wouldn't be my 1st choice"...

    Are you kidding? WTF does this stupid girl cheating on her boyfriend have anything to do with "white women"? And people say that "white people are racist".. NO, other "races" are WAY more racist! Ugh... Peoples ignorance makes me sick! This is why there is so much hate in this world! Sickening...


    Sorry...... was typing too fast to get the 3 posts all in a row! Start with the bottom one and read up....thanks...


    Double shame on him.

    I'm 62, married 43yrs, Know True Love When I C IT

    PSRead from the bottom paragrah up. This board says 2000 characters are allowed. I did this to exactly 2000 characters! Took # posts! Oh well.... glad I was able to say it all anyway....


    i think that the two of them should itleast fuck that bitch who cheats on ROBERT PATINSON?!?!? skank


    if Robert can forgive Kristen . so he's real Edward Cullen when forgiving Bella as loving Jacob.
    anyway we hope they come back together soon


    oh so we should feel sorry for her she made her bed now she has to lay 'in it


    I'm with you diamond- those 2 lived together and her live in never suspected or saw a thing? Bullshit! This is nothing more than diversion of something bigger. Ain't buying it.


    Your kidding right!! these two really like to play with there fans it's all a big set up a lie!!! Bull S*@T !!! Don't fall for it call them on it. REALLY!!

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