Robsten Update: Who is Moving Out?

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With new damaging photos out of Kristen Stewart totally macking on Rupert Sanders, we have an update on the living situation between the actress and what is seeming more and more like her EX boyfriend.

Converse to previous reports, sources now say Stewart is the one moving out of the home she had been sharing with Robert Pattinson in Los Angeles.

Robsten in London

People Magazine even has a photo up of a moving truck parked outside the residence Saturday morning, while it quotes a source who says Pattinson is in terrible emotional shape.

"The entire thing has been such a blow to Rob. Talk about having his heart ripped out," says the insider. "Rob just isn't going to be able to get past the cheating - one time or not."

It was a lot more than one time, a relative of Sanders' has come out and said, though this relative doesn't seem to have any first-hand knowledge.

Either way, the result is the same: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart really do appear to be over, making the MTV Video Music Awards on September 6 a must-watch: they are scheduled to present together.

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Ummm... Dont really matter what color you are. I am not a racist all people of all colors cheat and what not. I have some African american friends who have cheated its all the same...


I believe she either a real idiot or wanted out of her relationship. She freaking gets photographed everywhere, people pay so much $$ hello...moron. Bad enough she cheats on her partner but with a married man with children...seriously!


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I am so angry with Kristen Stewart. I know she is human but I thought she had better morals. I would love if they could get back together but I just don't see how he can trust her again. I dont think it will ever be like it was cause He adored/worshipped her. She not only cheated but kept up the loving facade with Rob.